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LeanIX + ServiceNow

Seamlessly integrate IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management

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SaaS for Enterprise Architecture with Certified Native ServiceNow Integration

Define roadmaps &

Use data-driven insights from your IT & business strategy to derive a vision for your ideal standards technology stack. 
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Mitigate technology obsolescence

Identify redundant technology, end-of-life technology, and cut IT-incidents in half; saving millions.
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Adopt modern technologies faster

Identify opportunities to migrate to modern technologies and easily communicate them to your IT ops teams.
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Bridge the Gap Between EA Management and ITSM

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Challenge: Disconnected EA and ITSM

Disconnect between data at the service level in ITSM and at the application-level APM is holding EA's back from achieving fully integrated IT management. This information gap combined with the varying language used to describe services and applications with respective technologies prevents good decisions and renders implementations difficult.

Solution: LeanIX ServiceNow integration

LeanIX for ServiceNow dissolves the boundaries between ITSM and APM. Information is entered once and runs through both systems. Applications are planned and set up in LeanIX and then transferred to ServiceNow, where they function as a business service for establishing the ITSM framework. Software and hardware, discovered via ServiceNow, is then mirrored on LeanIX to connect applications to corresponding IT components. Enterprise architects can leverage the flexible analysis of lifecycles and their impact on the application landscape to adjust the IT roadmap. To minimize technology sprawl, standards (e.g. preferred database technologies) can be planned in LeanIX and are then used in ServiceNow.

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Get an Overview of Your Entire ITSM and EA Landscape

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Full view on your IT management stack 

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Customer Success



LeanIX customers cut down 30% of licensing cost by spotting unused applications


LeanIX customers have cut IT related incidents in half, saving 600k EUR per incident


LeanIX power-users spent 4 hours less per week searching for information with the up-to-date inventory

"LeanIX’s out of the box ServiceNow integration saved us months of development time. (...) LeanIX gives us an unmatched level of agility, along with configurable mapping between both systems, which has enabled us to achieve our core use cases today and will support additional needs going forward." (Read press release for full details.)

John Walsh, CTO, Horizon Blue Cross Shield of New Jersey

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