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Anne Hardy: A CISO Perspective on Privacy, Security, & Data

Posted by Jenna Kominski on November 5, 2020

Anne Hardy

Privacy and security go hand-in-hand…but sometimes, they can contradict each other. How does this conflict influence organizations?

In Episode 9 of #UnleashIT, we spoke with Anne Hardy, CISO at Talend, about how shifting attitudes towards data can affect privacy, security, and enterprise architecture in organizations. 

A huge component of Anne’s role is communication. She knows exactly how to reassure her peers that their data is safe, how to teach them to be more conscious about data, and how to keep track of changing attitudes towards data management and governance.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How to quell people’s fears about data security
  • How to treat data like any other asset
  • What it really takes to shift to the cloud
  • Whether the 2020s will usher in the rebirth of the CIO

Here are some key lines from the episode:

“We are moving to the point where people start to realize that data needs to be managed like any other asset.” 

Awareness has to be brought into companies to help people understand why they need to be more conscious about data.”

— Anne Hardy

Listen to the full episode of the informative conversation below and if you like what you hear, be sure to share it on your own social networks!

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