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Jags Kandasamy: How AI, Data Science, and IoT Go Hand in Hand

To say that the internet has exploded is a vast understatement. Today, we generate 22 exabytes every four hours — the size of the entire Internet in 2002. Yet, we only use 5-10% of the data we collect.

In episode six of our podcast #UnleashIT, Jags Kandasamy, Co-founder and CEO at Latent AI, explained the future of data science and the explosion of IoT.

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Why Businesses are Transforming from a Project to Product-Based Thinking

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking on an episode of the EM360 podcast with Arie van Bennekum, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto and thought leader at Wemanity Group, about how organizations are keeping up with the continuously advancing world of technology. With these advances, I’ve noticed certain trends that businesses have been following to stay afloat.

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We Need Customer Success Leaders, Not Managers

The landscape of Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") companies has seen a significant evolution in the past decade. There are an enormous number of competitors in the marketplace, each with their own value proposition and each with their own approach towards the customer relationships model.

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José Pires: What Makes a True Innovation Leader?

Leaders do not have the ability to predict the future, no matter how transformative their leadership might be.

An innovative leader isn’t distinguished by perfection but by understanding the inherent contradictions of these four pillars of greatness: ideas, methods, technology, and people.

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Control IT Budgets: The LeanIX-Apptio Advanced Integration

The LeanIX-Apptio Advanced Integration is available for early access for all LeanIX customers. Following its release at the EU edition of the 2020 EA Connect Days, the out-of-the-box connection between LeanIX’s EA Management tool and Apptio’s IT Financial Management Solution extends time-based metrics on application costs to reports and Fact Sheets throughout the LeanIX EA Suite — not just Apptio.

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Solutions for Future-Proofing EA: Summary of 2020 EACD Presentations

The first day of the 2020 LeanIX EA Connect Days conference featured an astonishing range of presentations related to the world of enterprise architecture (EA). In a true display of solidarity, more than 3000 IT and business professionals worldwide from throughout industries joined the event either virtually from home offices or in-person at the World Conference Centre in Bonn, Germany. It was LeanIX’s largest event to date and proved to be an emphatic showcase of the EA Management tool's global appeal.

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LeanIX's Business Transformation Management Module: What You Need to Know

As announced yesterday at EA Connect Days, the upcoming release of the LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module is set to elevate the collaborative potential of business and IT teams when conducting modernization strategies. BTM is the third module of the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite and presents enhanced functionality for modeling future-state architectures and ensuring the delivery of corporate objectives.

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Customer Success Needs More Diversity - LeanIX Announced as Program Charter Partner in CS YOU Launch

LeanIX believes that building a real partnership with customers is the true key to success. Personal relationships and empathy for our customers are necessary for us to add value for our customers along their Enterprise Architecture journey. In order to keep our promise to our customers, we need highly motivated and diverse talent – always challenging ourselves to improve in the next iteration. 

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Tim Crawford: How COVID-19 Changed the CIO Role

As we try to sink into some sense of “normalcy” within the abnormal pandemic conditions we exist in, seasoned CIOs are peering ahead past COVID, and beyond the inevitable economic impacts to position their organizations with strength and agility. 

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Must-Read Books on Cloud Governance

As LeanIX's annual EA Connect Days approaches, we're taking time to reflect on effective cloud governance practices — one of the most critical needs of businesses today. Though cloud is changing how every industry operates for the better, in order to reap all the benefits of having a cloud environment, enterprises must stay informed and ensure that their management strategy is not holding them back.

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