LeanIX Enterprise Architecture

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get up-to-date overviews of your IT environment by leveraging
the following native integrations with LeanIX.

Effortlessly Bring Data Into LeanIX With These Integrations

One of the biggest challenges in Enterprise Architecture is to initially fill the repository with meaningful data and keep it up to date via automated means. Our integrations ensure exactly that for you with minimal configuration efforts.


Apptio Base Integration

With digital transformation on the rise, the demand for relating IT spend to changing IT landscapes has increased. The LeanIX Integration with Apptio allows customers to perform complex financial analytics and explore detailed cost relations.


Reduce manual effort for data maintenance through automated data exchange from LeanIX to Apptio.

Improve Success of Strategic Projects

Deliver high value analytics through a combination of data sets and ensure reliable, data-driven decisions.

Realize Sustainable Business Value of IT

Achieve total cost visibility on IT landscape by contextualizing financial data.


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Merge, harmonize, modernize two big IT landscapes with an integrated EA and ITFM

In this talk from TBM20 Conference, Markus Rink, Head of Global Technology Architecture at E.ON and André Christ, Co-Founder & CEO of LeanIX talk about the challenges for IT of the biggest integration in the energy sector in Germany. Learn how an integrated Enterprise Architecture and IT Financial Management helps IT Management in better steering.



Collibra Integration

The availability of accurate, reliable data is central to making data-driven decisions. The LeanIX integration with Collibra enhances data governance by ensuring that Enterprise Architecture is aligned with Data Architecture.

Increase Transparency

Understand where data is mastered and how it flows through the IT landscape by syncing data between LeanIX and Collibra

Establish Accountability

Enable full visibility into data ownership and determine accountability through automated mapping of data owners from Collibra to LeanIX

Expand Data Accessibility

Eliminate data silos and leverage data across the enterprise while maintaining sound data governance

Read more about Collibra & LeanIX

Real-time Collaboration

Confluence Integration

The integration for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center enables you to share any LeanIX Report to a Confluence page and interact with it using real-time data. Consumers of the content will only see the data if it is available to them.

Add Any LeanIX Report

LeanIX comes with a variety of reports that can be included in Confluence pages. Among them are LeanIX Roadmaps, Application Portfolios, and Heat Map Reports like the Application Landscape.

Live Data On Hand

All changes made to LeanIX appear directly within embedded reports on Confluence pages. Users can even pivot right from these reports into LeanIX Fact Sheets themselves.

Configurable Views

Narrow down the result sets of reports through filters and facets or add your saved searches to any page. As well, just simply configure the heights and widths of reports to fit them properly within your page.

Agile Project Management

Jira Cloud Integration

Improve your productivity and directly access IT architecture data from LeanIX while planning your stories and issues in Jira. Benefit from automatic data updates and synchronize Jira issues with your Fact Sheets.

  • Link Fact Sheets to Jira issues
  • Sync Jira issues with Fact Sheets
  • Create new Fact Sheets from Jira
  • Track status updates live in LeanIX

Enhance Architecture Modeling

Lucidchart Integration

Future-proofing enterprise architecture becomes challenging in times of rapid change. Tools that help business and technology leaders to collaborate and visualize complex systems are essential for accelerating the pace of innovation and driving better decisions in every area of a business. An Integration with Lucidchart’s state-of-the-art diagramming solution offers dynamic ties between data stored in LeanIX and the extensive range of diagrams offered by Lucidchart to further enhance collaboration and transparency across the organization.

  • Continuity across workspaces from LeanIX to Lucidchart
  • Accelerate enterprise architecture with accurate and interactive diagrams
  • Share knowledge and connect Lucidchart diagrams to LeanIX Fact Sheets for heightened contextualization

Enrich BI Reporting

OData Integration

Easily integrate your repository data to PowerBI and Tableau and make your BI data sets and reports more meaningful.
The OData integration enables you to easily export all table-based Saved Searches from your workspace inventory to MS Power BI and Tableau to combine data from different sources, build advanced visual reports and answer critical business questions.

  • Make your workspace data easily accessible to business analysts
  • Enable the combination of your IT repository data with other data sources in the organization
  • Save time by eliminating efforts on manual data export and import

Business Process Management

SAP Signavio Integration

Process optimization requires immediate access to the data you need. The integration with LeanIX and SAP Signavio allows BPM teams to model Business Processes with current information on Applications, IT Components and User Groups. This Process information is then synchronized back to LeanIX.

Service Management

ServiceNow Integration

It is common to have many IT Components driving your Applications. However, keeping many technologies, services, and hosting providers up to date is a significant challenge for Service Management and Enterprise Architecture teams. The bidirectional ServiceNow integration provides instant value by importing the IT Components (Software and Hardware Product Models) and Deployments (Application Services) from ServiceNow and providing the Business Applications, in return, to relate IT Components and Applications accurately.

The integration is compatible with the latest version of the Common Service Data Model (CSDM), supports ServiceNow SAM (and SAM Pro), and automates importing of assets gathered by ServiceNow Discovery. All mapped data is synced periodically to avoid efforts of keeping information up-to-date manually in two systems.