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From implementation to insight.
From insight to action.

Drive transformation with a shared understanding of IT reality.


Accelerate Execution

  • Create a continuous, reliable understanding of your IT landscape
    to plan technology transformation
  • Streamline prioritization by connecting Enterprise Architecture initiatives to critical business capabilities
  • Maintain continuous alignment with a comprehensive overview of progress on transformation initiatives

Optimize IT Spend

  • Assess IT investment by connecting technology spend to business impact
  • Uncover and address redundancies to free up budget for strategic investment
  • Streamline budget forecasting with insight into dependencies and project complexity

Reduce Risk

  • Capture the complexity of your IT landscape with our intuitive Meta Model
  • Map applications to business capabilities to simplify planning and improve risk assessment
  • Provide universal access to EA data to ensure data quality

Supporting your transformation journey every step of the way.


Discover and document your as-is state, the foundation for any transformation strategy.

  • Build a data-rich view of your current architecture
  • Collect data on the functional and technical fit of your applications, as well as their business criticality
  • Automate documentation, simplify research, and make data-driven decisions faster with AI capabilities


Identify opportunities for optimization and generate critical insight for future planning.

  • Visualize application dependencies and interconnections to other architecture components
  • Map data flows and data access to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards
  • Fuel application modernization and application rationalization initiatives


Design your to-be state and plan the road map to get there.

  • Leverage insight into interconnections and dependencies to model specific transformations across your landscape
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to align your target state with evolving business capabilities and processes
  • Build a road map reflecting the criticality of initiatives and how they support your objectives and the complexity of planned changes


Drive your planned transformation while enabling adoption across your organization.

  • Execute against your road map and document changes as you progress
  • Establish a data-driven change management program, one including all necessary enablement for new applications
  • Track progress against set KPIs and continuously visualize the end-to-end project on customizable dashboards


Run and monitor your new as-is state.

  • Analyze your application landscape regularly for potential improvements
  • Prioritize iterative optimization based on business priorities
  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities before they impact critical applications and associated processes

Successfully turn EA into business impact

Make enterprise architecture management pay off across the entire organization.


A flexible toolkit for collaborative Technology Transformation.

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture consists of three world-class products built for ease of use and quick implementation.

LeanIX Application Portfolio Management

Gain visibility into your application landscape, the interconnected IT components and which business capabilities need to be supported
by technology.
  • Import data from Excel, crowdsource information through Surveys, and leverage automated SaaS discovery to get the full picture of your application landscape
  • Undertake a detailed Application Portfolio Assessment to understand key dependencies, the technical and functional fit of your applications, and how they support your business capabilities
  • Identify rationalization and modernization candidates
in your landscape to accelerate your organization's digital transformation agenda

LeanIX Technology Risk and Compliance

Manage technology risks by identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in IT systems and processes. Protect valuable assets, ensure business continuity, and comply with regulations and standards.
  • Discover IT components by integrating with your CMDB, either out-of-the-box with ServiceNow or build your custom CMDB integration
  • Get always up-to-date lifecycle information attached to your IT components

  • Proactively manage obsolescence risk and establish tech standards

LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning

Define the to-be state of your enterprise architecture, understand the impact of your transformations, and create actionable technology roadmaps to confidently navigate your business transformation.
  • Visualize the future state of your enterprise architecture and get buy-in before you even begin with detailed target state modeling and reporting
  • Give a boost to your transformation planning with pre-defined and configurable transformations, the impact these will have on your as-is state, and the roadmap you need to get there
  • Execute against the planned transformation and document your progress, ensuring your as-is state reflects the up-to-date information and is ready for the next transformation

Tie it all together and make sense of IT with the LeanIX Meta Model.

The predefined Meta Model allows you to quickly categorize and map the connections between your enterprise architecture’s fundamental components. Based on years of industry best practice, the Meta Model lets you focus on business impact, rather than reinventing the wheel by designing your own taxonomy.
  • Our Meta Model defines relationships between the different Fact Sheets you can use to collect and consolidate information about architectural objects like apps, business capabilities, or IT components
  • A pragmatic Meta Model both accelerates the implementation of LeanIX and ensures long-term success by providing a common framework for the entire organization to envision and execute technology transformation
  • While our Meta Model is based on proven best practices, you are free to configure it for your own unique situation

Boost your productivity with AI capabilities

Imagine having more time to focus on strategic enterprise architecture initiatives.

By automating documentation, accelerating
research, and driving innovation with actionable insights, the built-in AI capabilities give you the freedom to apply your expertise to a wider range of business priorities.

As AI grows in importance across your IT landscape, LeanIX provides you the AI capabilities needed to model, govern, and transform it.


Effortlessly import, analyze, and model data in LeanIX.

The value of an Enterprise Architecture solution lies in the data it holds and what you can do with it. Using our out-of-the-box integrations with best-in-class partners, your business can implement powerful ways to ingest and work with your data.

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Curious about our product?

Discover how LeanIX helps Enterprise Architects make sense of IT.

Have a quick look at how easy it is to:
  • Conduct an application portfolio assessment
  • Explore application rationalization candidates 

  • Execute on application modernization opportunities
  • Navigate your ERP transformation
  • Identify SaaS applications quickly
  • Locate and define microservices and associated components

Curious about our pricing?

It's actually quite simple. We charge based on the number of applications. There's no limit on the number of users who can access LeanIX Enterprise Architecture. This means that SAP LeanIX can serve as a single source of truth for the entire organization.

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Why Customers Choose SAP LeanIX.

Read how customers describe their experience using SAP LeanIX to achieve their enterprise architecture goals.

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"The ability to scale Architecture - welcome to the Unassisted Architect LeanIX has enabled our organisation to provide insights into our technology environment, including current and future state. All without the architect having to be in the room."
Neil M - Head of Architecture - Banking
Mid-Market (51- 1000 empl)
Nov 18, 2023
"A simple but powerful all-in-one tool for managing the application landscape LeanIX is incredibly full-featured and allows you to conduct a range of tasks from data entry to diagramming and visualising via reports. With LeanIX EAM's collaboration tools, it is incredibly easy to crowdsource the continuous and iterative improvement of the application portfolio."
Verified User in Mining & Metals
Enterprise ( > 1000 emp.)
Sep 13, 2023
"Easy to use, simplified centralised source of technology information Centralised repository of technology information accessible by all, not just the EA"
Jacob B.
Mid-Market (51- 1000 emp.)
Sep 12, 2023
"Great tool, focusing on impact, evolving rapidly. Modern and ergonomic UI, great standard integrations, constantly getting better and expanding features. Easy to understand and to explain Data Model ready for use. Focused approached on outcome and reports."
Henry N. - Enterprise Architect
May 09, 2023
"Overall good experience I like the product itself as much as the community and LeanIX Support. Changes and improvements are deployed on a regular basis. I particularly like the support of surveys and collaboration features. The overall application is collaborating with business purposes and leaders so you mostly face relevant updates and features."
Martin V. - IT Architect
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
May 08, 2023
"Flexibility Configurability Simplicity Flexible to use its components *factsheets for a variety of purposes. Highly cofigurable to accomodate needs. Simple to intuitive to use. A tool not just for architects, but for a broader technical and even functional (business arch) community."
Verified User in Government Administration
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Jun 07, 2023
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