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LeanIX named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for EA Tools

Learn why LeanIX is recognized as a Leader in EA Tools for the second consecutive year.

Handling Economic Uncertainty Using Enterprise Architecture

Learn best practices for using Enterprise Architecture to navigate challenging economic pressure and help ensure resilience.

  • Why application rationalization is key
  • How EA is..
LeanIX SaaS Management Survey 2023
Read the results of the LeanIX SaaS Management Survey 2023.
LeanIX named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for EA Tools
Learn why LeanIX is recognized as a Leader in EA Tools for the second consecutive year.
Peer Insights ‘Lessons Learned’

Gartner analyzed 142 reviews on their Peer Insights™ platform to uncover lesson learned by companies implementing Enterprise Architecture (EA) tools.

Gartner 12 Rules of IT Cost Management
Gartner 12 Rules of IT Cost Management
SPARK Matrix™: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools, 2022

LeanIX named a leader in SPARK Matrix™: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools, 2022

Accelerate Transformation with Enterprise Architecture Management
Move Forward with Insight into Your Transformation Journey.
Key Differences in Greenfield vs. Brownfield Approach to SAP S/4HANA
Greenfield, Brownfield, or a hybrid approach to SAP S/4HANA?
Creating an ecosystem for the Software-defined Vehicle (SdV) with Digital.Auto
Hear directly from Bosch on how they are transforming the traditional combustion engine to a full digital experience, by implementing a software-first strategy, delivering..
LeanIX EAM - ROI Calculator

How much can you save with LeanIX EAM? Enter your variables and we’ll provide you with an indication of the potential savings that LeanIX EAM could bring your organization.

LeanIX SAP S/4HANA Survey 2022
SAP S/4HANA Transformation is an Economic Imperative.
How Product Managers can influence Lead time for Changes (LTFC)
Watch this recording to see how product managers can influence Lead time for Changes (LTFC)
The why, what and how of digitalizing products in a large enterprise – a fireside chat with DHL & LeanIX
Watch this fireside chat to learn about the challenges, and benefits of adopting agile development techniques as well as driving..
How EAs drive software architecture decisions with Value Stream Management

Watch this webinar to take a closer look at how EAs can leverage Value Stream Management and drive software architecture decisions.

Unleash the combined power of Business Process Transformation and Enterprise Architecture
During this 45-minutes recording, our LeanIX and SAP Signavio experts show you how to capitalize on the business transformation to enable continuous improvement.
International Study: State of Developer Experience Survey 2022
New survey on DevOps initiatives and the state of developer experience.
How to Ace SAP Activate with LeanIX EAM and SAP Signavio
Accelerate every phase of SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA with LeanIX and SAP Signavio.
6 Ways to Ensure a Smooth SAP S/4HANA Transformation
Leverage Enterprise Architecture Management and Business Process Transformation to ensure a smooth SAP S/4HANA transformation.
Getting it right: A holistic approach to SAP S/4HANA Transformations
Combine Business Process Transformation with Enterprise Architecture Management and create a sustainable and intelligent enterprise.
Enterprise Architects on IT Priorities for 2022

From Technical Debt to Sustainability: International LeanIX EA & IT Strategy Survey 2022. To see how your priorities align with the priorities of IT teams from around the world, ..

The mobile advantage with LeanIX
Watch this recording for  a deep-dive on our revamped mobile app.
Faster Time to Value with LeanIX EAM
Learn how LeanIX EAM will help you turn data into insight, and insight into action, faster than you can say "Time to Value!"
Why and how to manage a product architecture
Watch this recording and learn about the benefits of a product-centric architecture.
Checklist for Successful SaaS Implementation
A simple overview of the necessary steps to plan, manage, and measure the impact of SaaS implementations.
SaaS Discovery in LeanIX EAM

Learn about how automatically discovering SaaS applications provides visibility into an organization’s SaaS ecosystem, helps eliminate waste and control spending

Value Stream Management -Connecting code to customer- How to build reliable digital products faster

In this recording Engineering Managers & CTOs learn how they can follow this path more efficiently with the help of LeanIX Value Stream Management.

17 Metrics To Help Build Better Software

Essential metrics that help DevOps, CTOs, Product Managers, and Engineering leaders improve engineering efficiency and help build better software.

Mitigate Log4Shell with a Service Catalog

Four steps to help engineering teams mitigate security vulnerabilities like Log4Shell.

SaaS Vendor Evaluation Matrix

Evaluate different SaaS products and their vendors with the help of an evaluation matrix that contains all the SaaS evaluation criteria that matter to the health and prosperity of..

How Enterprise Architecture Can Contribute to Delivering Agile Transformation

A joint white paper from PwC and LeanIX on enabling the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with modern EAM tools.

How to Enable Business-Led IT through SaaS Management

Enabling business-led IT with SaaS management allows the business to maximize the value of SaaS while minimizing the risks.

SaaS Management Survey 2021

Topics range from the share of SaaS in IT landscapes, how SaaS is purchased, SaaS-related challenges facing EAs, and how SaaS is managed and by which teams/departments.

The SaaS Management Buyer's Guide

Evaluate what matters most within a SaaS management platform and learn about success practices to boost the ROI of your SaaS portfolio.

5 Key Views for SaaS Spend Optimization

5 pointers that help organizations get a better return on their SaaS investments.

LeanIX named a leader in SPARK Matrix: EA Tools, 2021

A Quadrant Knowledge Solutions report of the global Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools market

9 Steps to SaaS Management Success

How to plan and implement a SaaS management tool to create long-term value.

Successful M&A Is Data Driven

A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by LeanIX on leveraging IT involvement at various M&A planning stages.

Wie die S/4HANA-Transformation mit EAM und BPM gelingt

Wie die S/4HANA-Transformation mit EAM und BPM gelingt

Wie eng arbeiten Ihre Fachabteilungen und die IT zusammen? Spätestens im Zuge der Migration auf S/4HANA sollten Sie mögliche..

SaaS Management ROI Calculator

Identify potential savings in your SaaS portfolio.

Involvement of Enterprise Architects in SAP S/4HANA Transformation

A cross-industry survey on the role and specific challenges of EA teams in SAP S/4HANA transformations.

6 Steps to Optimize SaaS Productivity and Security

A poster for ensuring non-centrally managed IT is always well-managed from a cost, security, and compliance standpoint to drive efficiency and productivity.

SaaS Management - The definitive guide for IT and finance leaders

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to SaaS management containing inspiring industry voices, practical advice, deep insights, and sound knowledge on this critical field of IT..

Fit für die Zukunft: Business Transformation aktiv voranbringen

Zusammen mit unserem zertifizierten Partner EFS Consulting, hatten wir Ihnen einen detaillierten Einblick in die Funktionen des LeanIX Business Transformation Management-Moduls..

Why APM and SaaS Management are Better Together

Watch this on-demand webinar about the acquisition of Cleanshelf, a leading solution for SaaS Management. This makes LeanIX the first EA tool vendor with automated SaaS Discovery..

SaaS Management for CIOs and CFOs

A guide for helping CIOs and CFOs manage SaaS portfolios, drive quick wins, and improve strategic decision-making.

A Guide to SaaS Management

Introducing the discipline of SaaS management, key drivers for its use, and how it can mitigate the risks of sprawling SaaS landscapes.

Brownfield to Future: Four Steps to Make Your Digital Production Platform a Success

A white paper from Deloitte and LeanIX on connecting digital and core businesses when creating digital production platforms. 

Elevating Business Capabilities With Pace-Layering

A 3-step guide plus best practices on extending Gartner's pace-layering strategy to business capability models.

20 Key Questions a Microservice Catalog Answers

Download this LeanIX poster to see the 20 key questions a microservice catalog can answer.

How Enterprise Architecture Management Supported Post-merger Integrations at ZF

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from our customer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, what their experience was with the post-merger integration of WABCO.

LeanIX M&A Survey: Enterprise Architects - The Secret Heroes of Merger & Acquisition Projects

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by The Open Group, where LeanIX shares all the insights from the LeanIX M&A Survey and why EAs play a significant role in M&A.

Streamline Post-Merger Integration with Enterprise Architecture

Learn how enterprise architecture, and tools like LeanIX, can help organizations accelerate IT workstreams in the wake of a merger or acquisition.

4 Steps to M&A Success with LeanIX

Download our poster to see how LeanIX helps enterprise architecture teams accelerate IT workstreams following a merger or acquisition.

LeanIX M&A Survey 2021

The Role of Enterprise Architects in M&A

How Tokio Marine Advanced Their EA Strategy with LeanIX

Learn why shifting to a modern enterprise architecture tool was critical to build a unified, global EA practice.

Best Practices to Define SaaS Business Capability Maps

This business capability map was created to assist SaaS companies in creating an in-depth overview of their business capabilities, helping represent a business anchor model..

What to Look for in a Modern EA Tool

Learn how a legacy enterprise architecture tool might be holding you back from driving value through business outcomes. See what modern EA looks like.

Modern integration architecture

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Philipp Wagner - Manager, Deloitte

Gabor Vincze - Manager, Deloitte

Combining the Power of EAM & IT Controlling: The Apptio LeanIX Integration at Hermes Germany

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Marcel Morisse - Enterprise Architect, Hermes Germany

The Best of Both Worlds: Why Process Excellence is Vital to Enterprise Architecture

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Gero Decker - Co-founder & CEO, Signavio

Application Portfolio Management in Uniting Care Queensland, Australia

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Ross Francis - Archictecture Services Manager, Uniting Care

Extending your User Base - Creating Value for Your Target Audience

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Tobias Vogel - Enterprise Architect, Helvetia

Data Flow as essential HR Transformation enabler

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Bernardo Tarillion - Senior Manager Enterprise Architecture, Magna

Architecture for Business Transformation - Process over Capabilities

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Martin Wieschollek - Team Lead Enterprise Architecture, C&A

Reimagine customer experience through cloud

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Niklas Sundberg - CIO Global Solutions Division, Assa Abloy

Process Automation at DHL Global Forwarding

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Frank Schüler - Managing Director Global Service Center, DHL Global Forwarding

Integration API – Search based tagging of Fact Sheets

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Werner Krahe - Director Product Management, LeanIX

Connecting Worlds - EAM & BPM for Business & IT

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Patrick Drange - Pre-Sales Consultant MEE, Signavio

Julian Ludwig - Sales Engineer, LeanIX

A closer look at the LeanIX Business Transformation Management module

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Johannes Wilden - Product Manager, LeanIX

Product Update

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Jan Puzicha - SVP Product & CTO, LeanIX

Building a Resilient Enterprise (with EA)

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

David Torre - Business Technology & Engineering Consultant, Center Mast

How Costing and Enterprise Architecture solutions make better decisions together

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Greg Holmes - Regional Vice President, Pre Sales, EMEA, Apptio

Future-ProofEnterprise Architecturein a World of Rapid Change

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

André Christ - CEO & Co-Founder, LeanIX

LeanIX + Lucidchart: taking visualization and collaboration to the next level

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Brint Markle - Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Lucidchart

Microservices @ LeanIX - then, now and tomorrow

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Per Bernhardt - Staff Software Engineer - LeanIX


ServiceNow ITBM or LeanIX?

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Keith Chambers - Partner & Enterprise Architect, Sunrise Solutions

5 Enterprise Architecture Best Practices

Live Recording - EA Connect Day 2020 

Craig Stanley -Lead Architect, The Citadel Group

Driving Business Value and Cost Efficiencies through Modern EA tools

Watch this webinar where together with Citadel and our customer First Gas, we share insights on their deployment of LeanIX.

Comparing IT Architecture Roles

The poster shows you the main differences between an Enterprise Architect, a Solution Architect, and a Technical Architect.

How to Accelerate Change With the LeanIX Business Transformation Management Module

Watch this recording and learn how the LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module can help you.

The Business Transformation Management Playbook

Global digitalization and shifting customer expectations have forced businesses to transform rapidly. This eBook will help guide your BTM practices.

Digitalizing Pharma with Enterprise Architecturre

Insights into digital maturity for IT and business leaders

3 Steps to Reach Your Target Architecture

Learn how the LeanIX BTM module helps businesses plan for, decide on, and properly execute transformation initiatives to reach their target architecture.

3 Most Common Business Transformation Projects

Learn how the LeanIX BTM Module helps enterprises plan and execute on 3 of the most common business transformation projects.

Success Kit: EA for the Pharma Industry

By aligning strategy with the technology to meet business goals, enterprise architecture enables data-driven decision making for pharmaceutical companies.

24 Enterprise Architecture Views for the Pharma Industry

This poster gives you an overview of 24 Key Enterprise Architecture reports your business needs to succeed in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Accelerating Change in Enterprises with an EA Management Tool

A guide to accelerating change in organizations and building future-state architecture using the LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module.

Business Capability Map for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Download our poster to see how IT and business capabilities work together to promote innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Success Kit: EA for Energy & Utilities

By aligning strategy with the technology to meet enterprise-level goals, enterprise architecture enables data-driven decision making for energy companies.

How to Boost Employee Productivity with the LeanIX Self-Service Portal

Watch this recording to learn how leveraging the new, zero-cost LeanIX Self-Service Portal can boost employee productivity and save you time

24 Key Enterprise Architecture Views for the Energy Industry

See how enterprise architecture supports the energy sector by aligning business and IT strategy for innovation and transformation activities.

How to Shape the Transition Path Towards Digital Manufacturing – an IoT Story

Watch this free webinar to get into the requirements for an IoT transformation into digital manufacturing.

Enterprise Architecture Management as Crucial Factor for the Energy Turnaround

Watch this free webinar to hear our partner, PwC, on how EA helps the energy industry to invest in IT and exploit the benefits of.

6 Ways to Save IT Costs

The acceleration of technology has caused enterprises to lose a clear line of sight into their IT spend. This poster provides 6 ways to save IT costs.

Reduce IT Costs & Risks with Application Rationalization

One of the most effective ways to save costs and mitigate technology risks is through application rationalization. 

How to Optimize IT Spend with LeanIX & Apptio

At this webinar you learn from our customer, innogy, how LeanIX & Apptio helps optimize your IT spend through end-to-end cost transparency over your IT architecture.

Success Kit: EA for Financial Services & Banking

Tech is both the largest opportunity and the greatest threat to banks and financial services. Enterprise architecture can help institutions keep pace.

Accelerating SAP S/4HANA Transformation with LeanIX

In this webinar, representatives from Deloitte offer their perspectives on the value of using LeanIX in the initial phases of an SAP S/4HANA transformation.

24 Key Enterprise Architecture Views for the Financial Services Industry

See how enterprise architecture supports banking and financial services by aligning business and IT strategy for digital transformation.

How to Manage IT Regulations for Financial Institutions

A free white paper on improving data security and IT compliance in financial institutions using an EA management tool.

How LeanIX Helps with SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Download this free white paper to learn how enterprise architecture management with LeanIX can help you successfully transition to SAP S/4HANA.

How to Boost Data Automation and Quality with LeanIX Integration API

In this webinar, together with our customer, KUKA, we deep dive into LeanIX Integration API, to show how it can establish a simpler and safer connection between your third-party..

The LeanIX Partner Program Ecosystem

An eBook offering an in-depth look at the network of partnerships making up the LeanIX Partner Program and the advantages and use cases enabled by LeanIX.

Integrate ITFM & Enterprise Architecture

With the partnership and product integration between LeanIX and Apptio, enterprises have a direct link between the technology landscape and IT spending.

Setting the Stage for SAP S/4HANA with Enterprise Architecture

A white paper on how enterprise architecture can help with SAP S/4HANA transformations and how to align transformation phases to business needs.

SAP S/4HANA Transformation Challenges and Solutions

A free poster on using enterprise architecture to navigate the challenges of SAP S/4HANA migrations.

Leverage Enterprise Architecture for SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Transforming your ERP system is a huge undertaking, but actively leveraging enterprise architecture helps create the roadmap for success.

Align Global Manufacturing Through Application Rationalization

A guide for the manufacturing industry on how to use enterprise architecture to consolidate costs, mitigate risks, and inspire innovation.

The Manufacturer's Guide to Business Capabilities

A complete guide for the manufacturing industry on how to model and create value from business capabilities.

Smart Enterprise Architecture Governance in an Agile World

This poster offers visual guides to leveraging the principles, frameworks, and benefits of EA governance in agile environments.

How EA Contributes to Business Continuity, Remote Work and Cost Savings

COVID-19, heavily impacted organizations. This webinar provides insights on how EAs should step up and manage their IT infrastructure and business processes during a crisis.

Top Stakeholder Questions for Enterprise Architecture in Manufacturing

A visual guide to the key views and reports needed by enterprise architects in the manufacturing industry to easily answer stakeholder questions.

Enterprise Architecture Views for the Manufacturing Industry

See how enterprise architecture supports manufacturers by aligning business and IT strategy. Easily answer stakeholder questions with these 24 views.

EA Success Kit: Enterprise Architecture in Manufacturing

A step-by-step guide for the manufacturing industry on how to manage enterprise architecture programs. 

How to adapt the LeanIX EA Suite Data Model to Your Company Infrastructure

In this webinar, Kai Stettner, our Customer Success Manager, shares best practices on modelling on-premises and cloud infrastructure (e.g., SAP, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, middleware) in..

Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

6 Steps for Achieving Quick and Sustainable Value

How to Effectively Roll Out LeanIX at Your Company

In this webinar, Patrick Schober, LeanIX's Dir. Professional Services, shares best practices on how to roll out LeanIX in your company and useful approaches that have helped many..

Fact Sheet Relations and the Impact on LeanIX Reports

In this webinar, Enrique Trejo (Head of Customer Support EU at LeanIX) goes through the internal structure and relations of LeanIX Fact Sheets and their impact on different LeanIX..

Business Capability Map for the Manufacturing Industry

Get your business capability map for the manufacturing industry. Business capability modeling is a technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model..

Business Capability Map for the Finance Industry

Get your business capability map for the finance industry. Business capability modeling is a technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model..

Business Capability Map for the Energy Industry

Get your business capability map for the energy industry. Business capability modeling is a technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model independent..

From Models to Data: The Rise of Data-driven Architectures

Changing demands on Enterprise Architects require different approaches to tooling. 

The Definitive Guide to Application Portfolio Management

Learn everything you need to know about application portfolio management (APM), including best practices, how to get started with APM and a complete guide on application portfolio..

The Definitive Guide to Business Capabilities

Learn everything you need to know about business capabilities and business capability modeling. Business capability mapping can help you with mergers, IT Risk and innovation...

An agile framework to implement TOGAF with LeanIX' enterprise architecture tool

A step-by-step illustration of how to follow TOGAF’s principles with a lean EA tool.

12 Steps to a Better IT for Your Company

As an Enterprise Architect, it's your job to bring business and IT forward and create value. Find out which activities you must implement and how.

Re-Invent Your IT With a Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework

An overview of the LeanIX Data Model to help you see the big picture. Simple, lean, and structured.

The Complete Overview of Enterprise Integration Patterns

Outlines of common integration projects for IT and Business Architecture to help you design your own.

How to Answer the Top Questions of Enterprise Architecture Stakeholders

How to give insights to your many unique stakeholders. From CIOs to IT Managers, a map of where to focus responses about Enterprise Architecture.

Best Practices to Define Technology Stacks

This poster leverages visual technology stack examples to enable you to create the perfect tech. stack for your organization.

The Blueprint For a Modern IT Management Stack

This poster gives you a blueprint for a modern IT Management Stack.

Best Practices to Define Data Objects

This poster leverages examples of visual data objects to enable you to map the data objects of your organization.

Integrate EA and ITSM with the LeanIX ServiceNow Integration

This poster illustrates how we bridge the gap between Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Service Management (ITSM).

Best Practices to Define Business Capability Maps

This Poster helps you create the perfect business capability map for your organization with visual capability mapping examples.

Reshape your IT with 24 key Enterprise Architecture Views

A visual guide to the IT and Business Architecture reports your stakeholders want to see.

Out-of-the-box LeanIX and SAP Signavio Integration

Connecting Business with IT using SAP Signavio in LeanIX. No consulting or additional integration required.

The Enterprise Architect of Tomorrow

Enterprise Architects of tomorrow must acquire five key traits to guide companies to success. Practical insights on how to become data-driven, agile-minded, and forward thinking.

IT Cost Savings: A Guide to Application Rationalization

Not every application is mission critical. A guide on how Application Rationalization cuts through waste to reduce costs, help scaling efforts, and improve digitalization efforts.

Nine Use Cases Solved With Enterprise Architecture

Three areas where Enterprise Architecture Management adds value—and the nine most commonly solved used cases.

Enterprise Architecture Success Kit

Everything you need for quick time-to-value and long-term success through EA.