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Lookup all details of an application and get in touch with experts directly via the new LeanIX iPhone App. Exclusive product launch at the Gartner EA summit in London, in the Apple App Store in July.

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"The key activity for more transparency in the IT Architecture was to build the leanIX inventory platform – in a collaborative approach."

Juha Mylläri, Vice President IT Architecture RUAG

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LeanIX Metrics - data is only valuable in the right context

The significance of data and information has increased and continues to grow. Modern IT organizations are at the center of this development. An immense number of expert tools generate a waterfall of data from the fields of development, operations and business. The real task is to use this data in a...

How Helvetia successfully consolidated two IT landscapes in the Nationale Suisse merger

Helvetia has a long tradition: In over 150 years, it has grown from a number of Swiss and foreign insurance brands. At the beginning of 2014, Helvetia joint forces with the former Nationale Suisse insurance company. In the post-merger, IT had to balance multiple priorities: Firstly, they needed to...
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