Business Transformation Manager

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture is a collaborative and data-driven solution helping to lead transformation initiatives and strategic planning engagements that enable new sources of business value.

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"We have 1,800 daily users in LeanIX globally, which has helped our business architecture initiatives take off. This level of participation also helps us keep the data in LeanIX up-to-date and really shows the value of the tool."

IT Architect at a global leader in the materials industry,

80 %

Complete 80% more transformation projects on time

75 %

Accelerate data collection from stakeholders by 75%

40 %

Make key decisions 40% faster and more reliable

Provide an overview of your transformation strategy

  • Create transparency for the entire organization around business principles, strategic objectives, and transformation initiatives
  • Introduce a single source of truth for all stakeholders that replaces rigid diagrams and unreliable spreadsheets
  • Uncover opportunities to innovate with pace-layered business capabilities and goal setting with business outcome statements
  • Connect Objectives to Business Capabilities, User Groups, and Projects to identify gaps that have been missed

Connect your business operations with IT architecture

  • Map out as-is business capabilities, processes, value streams, and customer journeys with a state-of-the-art diagram editor
  • Enrich your models and diagrams with data from a crowdsourced architecture inventory (e.g., link processes and customer touchpoints to applications)
  • Visualize the target landscape for your organization’s transformation
  • Understand how the evolving architecture will affect the overall performance of your business

Integrate business process analytics and enterprise architecture

  • Leverage a seamless integration with SAP Signavio to review, redesign, and optimize processes, value streams, and customer journeys
  • Understand how process changes can improve Business Capabilities and are supported by Applications and Data Objects
  • Align process owners, transformation drivers, and system experts

Drive transformation and translate business goals into actionable roadmaps

  • Reconcile your transformation programs with your future IT architecture
  • Plan different scenarios and decide for the best outcome envisioned from the impacts on the business and architecture
  • Build, visualize, and share your to-be architecture and transformation roadmaps  
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Why our customers choose SAP LeanIX for transformation

Don't just take our word for it - read about how our customers have experienced LeanIX to get on top of their enterprise architecture.

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"Overall good experience

I like the product itself as much as the community and LeanIX Support. Changes and improvements are deployed on a regular basis. I particularly like the support of surveys and collaboration features. The overall application is collaborating with business purposes and leaders so you mostly face relevant updates and features."

Martin V
May 09, 2023
"Great development since my first touch point in 2013. Lot‘s of functionalities, intuitive...

Diagrams, structure, flexibility, new concepts ,..."

Verified User
Enterprise - Utilities Industry
May 08, 2023
"Great tool, focusing on impact, evolving rapidly. Modern and ergonomic UI, great standard integrations, constantly getting better and expanding features. Easy to understand and to explain Data Model ready for use. Focused approached on outcome and reports. LeanIX company culture is open, modern, agile. This is a really good partner with good influence, especially for us as a public company."
Henry N
Enterprise Architect - Enterprise
May 09, 2023
"LeanIX Forever
An organised space. Practical. Reports designation. Intuitive platform"
Vikram T
May 08, 2023
"Flexibility Configurability Simplicity
Flexible to use its components *factsheets for a variety of purposes. Highly cofigurable to accomodate needs. Simple to intuitive to use. A tool not just for architects, but for a broader technical and even functional (business arch) community."
Verified User
Enterprise- Government Administration
Jun 07, 2023
"LeanIX - An Essential Tool Every Enterprise Organization Must Have Ease of implementation and speed of discovery. Portal user interface is friendly and easy to use"
William C
Jun 07, 2023
"Lean EAM Tool with easy to understand user interface Collaboration, Easy Configuration, Simple User Interface, everybody can participate to feed in architecture content and also receive the content; Integrations are easy to set up"
Verified User
Enterprise - Automotive Industry
May 09, 2023
"One of the most worthful applications we introduced in my former company It creates the transparency over IT landscape that we did not had before and to speed up decision making"
Verified User
Enterprise - Automotive Industry
May 09, 2023
"Unlock exciting opportunities The LeanIX EA tool provides exciting opportunities by e.g. introducing ESG matters in the portfolio. I highly value the PwC ESG tool as it unlocks necessary developments for now and the future."
Verified User
Enterprise - Food Production Industry
May 09, 2023
"Great Usability. Open Integration. Good company and continuous improvement of the product.
The lean UI and intuitive usage. Lots of integration and Report functions. Active Community and feedback driven development of the product."
Verified User
Enterprise - Building Materials Industry
May 09, 2023