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A Glossary of Modern IT Terms
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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
Everything about what is Enterprise Architecture (EA), EA Frameworks, benefits, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and the most important use cases.
EA Governance
Everything about Enterprise Architecture (EA) governance, the associated frameworks and many more. Find out how sustainable EA Governance is made!
Application Rationalization
Application rationalization means to streamline the application portfolio with the goal of reducing complexity and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).
Application Portfolio Management
Learn everything you need to know about application portfolio management (APM), including best practices, how to get started with APM and a complete guide on application portfolio management.
Business Capabilities
Read everything about business capabilities and business capability modeling. Learn now how to create your own Business Capability Model in 4 steps!
Integration Architecture
Get to know everything about what is Integration Architecture, what the key advantages are and how to visualize it in the best possible way.
Learn everything you need to know about The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF®), including best practices, a detailed approach to TOGAF® and more!
Technology Risk Management
Learn everything you need to know about Technology Risk Management, including best practices, how to get started with IT Security Management.
Enterprise Architect vs. Solution Architect
Learn the difference between an Enterprise Architect, a Solution Architect and a Technical Architect.
IT Financial Management
IT financial management (ITFM) effectively reduces the costs required for IT production, providing the way for a successful business future.
Data Modeling
Data modeling is a process for conceptualizing the relationships between different types of information in an organization. Data models help users across disciplines store and interact with data more effectively for a variety of use cases.
Business Transformation Management
Everything about what is Business Transformation (BT), Business Transformation Frameworks, Benefits, Different Types of Business Transformation and well-known examples.
Reference Architecture
Get to know everything about what Reference Architecture means, what the benefits are and more about 5 drivers for Reference Architecture.
Solution Architecture
Get to know everything about what Solution Architecture is, differences between Solution Architecture and Enterprise Architecture and everything about the benefits of Solution Architecture.
Technical Architecture
Get to know everything about what Technical Architecture is, the differences between Technical Architecture and Enterprise Architecture and everything about useful Technical Architecture Diagrams.
Target Architecture
Everything about what a Target Architecture is, how to define your Target Architecture and how the LeanIX BTM Module can help with defining it.
Digital Transformation with EA
Find out how to successfully leverage your digital transformation with enterprise architecture!
Enterprise Architecture Strategy
How to get started with enterprise architecture, common challenges, best practices, and how to ensure the EA is an ongoing success.
Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide
Learn how to begin with Enterprise Architecture tool selection, essential features to look for & how modern tools help you manage IT transformations through automation and cross-collaboration.
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SaaS Management

SaaS Management
Everything about what SaaS Management (SM) is, why you should know about it, what are the key benefits, and best practices to get started.
SaaS Spend Optimization
Learn what SaaS spend optimization is and what the best practices are to optimize SaaS by removing unused and overlapping apps, rightsizing the number of licenses, and negotiating SaaS contracts.
Shadow IT
Learn about shadow IT, common examples, the latest statistics, all the risks and benefits, and how to discover and manage shadow IT.
IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS
IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: With more and more companies migrating to the cloud, there’s a growing demand and supply of different cloud computing models. Find out which solution best suits your needs.
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal and EA True-up
Learn about Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, its length and renewal, EA True-Up best practices, and negotiation tips.
Manage and Negotiate SaaS Contracts & Agreements
Best practices on how to document and manage SaaS contract & agreement details, what to look out for and how to negotiate them with your SaaS vendor.
SaaS Vendor Management
Learn what SaaS vendor management is and best practices to manage your SaaS vendors through their lifecycle, from vendor evaluation to renewal, for an optimized IT portfolio.
SaaS Implementation
Learn SaaS implementation best practices and how to create a roll-out plan that paves the way for successful SaaS adoption.
SaaS Security
Learn how SaaS security incorporates important practices that aim to secure user privacy and corporate data in cloud-based applications.
SaaS Evaluation
Learn how to plan SaaS evaluation, what criteria to use, how to build an evaluation matrix, and whom to involve when comparing SaaS vendors or applications.
Microsoft 365 & Office 365 License Types
Learn and compare between Microsoft 365 and Office 365 license types, its costs, features, and get insights from a Microsoft licensing specialist.
SaaS Renewal Best Practices
See what the biggest renewal challenges are and learn SaaS renewal best practices to reach a proactive renewal process backed by license usage and defined guidelines.
SaaS Renewal Strategy
Learn how to build a proactive SaaS renewal strategy & process within your organization using renewal prioritization, actual SaaS usage, and custom renewal alerts.
SaaS User Management
Learn why stakeholders need to manage SaaS users, what are the main benefits, and how the discipline brings more efficiency and better security compliance within your enterprise.
SaaS vs. Cloud
Learn how cloud and SaaS are related to each other, how do they differ and the benefits they bring to the businesses deciding to move into the cloud.
SaaS vs. On-Premise
Learn about the pros and cons of SaaS or On-Premise implementation and what you should consider when settling on a model for your business.
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Cloud Native

Cloud Native
Learn everything you need to know about Cloud Native, including why is Cloud Native Important, what is Cloud Native Development and what are Cloud Native Challenges.
Cloud Adoption
Learn everything you need to know about Cloud Adoption, including best practices, how to get started with Cloud, and a Cloud Adoption roadmap.
Microservices Architecture
Get to know everything about what Microservices Architecture is, what the key benefits are, and what the differences between Microservices and SOA, Monolithic or API are.
FinOps is an IT and financial model that was created in response to the structural volatility of the cloud and its rapidly increasing costs.
Cloud Tagging
Cloud tagging is a best practice used in (multi)-cloud environments. It helps you organize your resources, kickstart mitigation processes and efficiently manage cloud costs.
Microservices Governance
Microservices Governance is a methodology that establishes policies for the adoption of Microservices to enable an enterprise agile IT environment.
Microservice Catalog
Get to know everything about what a Microservice Catalog is, Best Practices for a useful Microservice Catalog, and more about the importance of a Microservice Catalog for companies.
Service Ownership
Learn what service ownership is, what is the role of a service owner, and how to build a culture of service ownership in your organization.
Site Reliability Engineering
Learn about site reliability engineering and its benefits, what do site reliability engineers do, and the differences between SLOs, SLIs, and SLA metrics.
Cloud Infrastructure
Get to know everything about what a Cloud Infrastructure is, the components and benefits of a Cloud Infrastructure, and the differences between Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture.
Cloud Computing
Get to know everything about what Cloud Computing is, about 3 different types of Cloud Computing, and 6 benefits of Cloud Computing.
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Other Topics

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What advantages does SAP S/4HANA Cloud have compared to the on-premise ERP system and how does a successful and fast migration work?
SAP S/4HANA Migration
How do you migrate to SAP S/4Hana? Learn how to choose the best approach, what key steps you need to take, and key challenges to pay attention to.
S/4HANA Greenfield vs. Brownfield
Compare Greenfield vs. Brownfield SAP S/4HANA migration approach and choose one or hybrid that best suits your needs.
Banking Architecture
Banking architecture is becoming increasingly digitally-driven. Find out why, and how banks can effectively transform their banking architecture.
SOX Compliance
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has many requirements. Find out what the SOX IT requirements entail, and how they can be met.
EBA Guidelines on ICT and Security Risk Management
The European Banking Authority (EBA) drafted new laws for third party providers and FinTech. These EBA guidelines clearly state what is expected of all industry participants.
Industry 4.0
The industry is on the verge of renewed change. Read now what the fourth revolution Industry 4.0 brings with it!
Smart Factory
Smart Factory is at the heart of Industry 4.0 and we will show you what a Smart Factory is and how it can be implemented.
Meeting GDPR compliance requirements and helping your business: How Enterprise Architecture is key for overcoming your data protection struggles.
IT Service Management
IT Service Management is comprised of standardized processes designed to efficiently manage IT assets, knowledge, requests, incidents and problems.
Mergers & Acquisitions
This is an in-depth introduction to how Enterprise Architects can successfully support the Mergers and Acquisitions
Post-Merger Integration
Download it to learn what is driving M&A activity today, how to overcome the technical challenges of a deal, and ways in which LeanIX helps hasten the transition from current to future-state architectures.
IT Audit
Learn all about IT audits, the role of an IT auditor, and how they can protect your company from information security incidents.