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Use Case

ERP Transformation

ERP transformation is a critical piece of an enterprise’s broader business and technology strategy. It is also one of the biggest projects an organization can undertake, affecting every part of the business.

Story Background

Due to the complexity and high-level integration of ERP environments, the key success factors for a successful transformation are transparency of the current ERP and non-ERP landscape and proper milestone planning.

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Customer Story

Making “impossible” transformations possible

"Without the support of LeanIX, a cost-efficient and smooth transition from our old landscape to the new SAP S/4HANA software landscape would not have been possible."

Oliver Dawid, IT Enterprise Architect

Customer Story

Driving modernization with a single source of truth

"It’s hard to move to a better operating model if you don’t know what you’re actually doing or how things work today.
By establishing systems of record around process, technology, and business capabilities, Travis Perkins has laid the groundwork for true IT modernization."

David Crooks,
Enterprise Architect

Confidently navigate your ERP transformation with LeanIX

Enable a successful transformation with full visibility into your current software landscape and a roadmap towards the target state


Obtain complete transparency on the As-Is landscape and all interdependencies


Collaborate and align transformation initiatives with business capabilities and objectives


Build effective architectural roadmaps to successfully navigate ERP transformation

Explore the As-Is architecture and classify business capabilities

  • Identify and classify business capabilities into areas of innovation and differentiation using Gartner’s Pace-layering method
  • Identify and partner with relevant stakeholders across the business to effectively manage change ​throughout the transformation
  • Identify which parts of the As-Is IT architecture will be affected by the transformation
  • Make use of integration capabilities to increase data quality and reduce manual efforts of maintaining IT components

Model and compare transformation scenarios

  • Build a project discovery team and model scenarios based on the As-Is and To-Be landscape, for example, Greenfield (New Implementation), Brownfield (System Conversion) or Selective Data Transition
  • Define the impact of various scenarios on the current IT and business architecture (e.g., applications, processes, business interfaces)
  • Visualize the target ERP architecture for each scenario at various points in time and compare it with the current legacy architecture
  • Use Free Draw capabilities to model different architectures (e.g., one global ERP or multiple systems divided by region or business unit)

Use data to decide on the right transformation strategy

  • Identify dependencies between applications in the IT landscape
  • Make Master Data Management a collective IT priority to avoid data leakage or loss during the transformation
  • Use data flow diagrams to gain a complete overview of both ERP and non-ERP interfaces
  • Analyze integration architecture while focusing on select parts of the ERP landscape

Leverage our SAP Signavio integration for business process mapping

  • Identify business processes associated with capabilities affected by the transformation
  • Review key processes using SAP Signavio and decide if they should be kept or redesigned
  • Use the seamless integration with SAP Signavio to redesign and optimize processes
  • Leverage the transparency of the IT and process landscape to plan budgets and resources accordingly

Map out and plan the transformation roadmap

  • Create a transformation roadmap based on the selected strategy
  • Easily identify dependencies or conflicts and plan mitigation tactics early on to avoid budget or schedule overruns
  • Communicate project milestones for main and sub-projects (e.g., roll-out plan, start dates, testing & validation timelines, test cut-overs, and go-lives)
  • Track transformation progress to measure stages of completion and quantify cost savings
  • Keep EA documentation up-to-date and automatically execute impacts after the completion of a project or plan

LeanIX & SAP Signavio

Alignment: Key to ERP Transformation

"Getting everyone on the same page and understanding the connection between people, processes, applications, and technology is at the heart of successful alignment in an ERP transformation."

Gero Decker, General Manager, SAP Signavio
SAP S/4HANA Transformation

LeanIX as source of truth for SAP Activate

G2 Reviews

Customer Quotes

Why customers choose LeanIX

Don't just take our word for it - read about how our customers have experienced LeanIX to get on top of their ERP Transformation.

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"User friendly and best in class EA tool Very easy to use, very user friendly and a great and easy UI. Enables collaboration with many users of different backgrounds. The provided services like Reference Catalogues are very valuable. Customer Success Managers are great!"
Verified user
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023
"Awesome EAM Tool, that uses collaboration to achieve EAM goals

LeanIX does provide a simple and easy way to get an overview over the current in the company used applications and its connecting Technologies. It achieves this via giving everyone in th ecompany the opportunity to fill and assist with getting information where it needs to be. The Reports are making it easy to get an overview and also provide the executive level with the needed data for making decisions."

Verified User - Renewables & Environment
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 08, 2023
"Great tool, focusing on impact, evolving rapidly.

Modern and ergonomic UI, great standard integrations, constantly getting better and expanding features. Easy to understand and to explain Data Model ready for use. Focused approached on outcome and reports. LeanIX company culture is open, modern, agile.

This is a really good partner with good influence, especially for us as a public company."

Henry N.
Enterprise Architect - Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023
"Flexibility Configurability Simplicity Flexible to use its components *factsheets for a variety of purposes. Highly cofigurable to accomodate needs. Simple to intuitive to use. A tool not just for architects, but for a broader technical and even functional (business arch) community."
Verified User in Government Administration
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
Jun 07, 2023
"LeanIX - An Essential Tool Every Enterprise Organization Must Have

Ease of implementation and speed of discovery. Porta user interface is friendly and easy to use"

William C.
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Jun 07, 2023
"One of the most worthful applications we introduced in my former company It creates the transparency over IT landscape that we did not had before and to speed up decision making"
Verified User in Automotive
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023
"Lean EAM Tool with easy to understand user interface Collaboration, Easy Configuration, Simple User Interface, everybody can participate to feed in architecture content and also receive the content; Integrations are easy to set up."
Verified User in Automotive
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023
"unlock exciting opportunities The LeanIX EA tool provides exxciting opportunities by e.g. introducing ESG matters in the portfolio. I highly value the PwC ESG tool as it unlocks necessary developments for now and the future."
Verified User in Food Production
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023
"Great Usability. Open Integration. Good company and continuous improvement of the product. The lean UI and intuitive usage. Lots of integration and Report functions. Active Community and feedback driven development of the product."
Verified User in Building Materials
Enterprise (>1000 emp.)
May 09, 2023