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Application Portfolio Assessment

Application-Portfolio Management-and- Application Rationalization

By reducing complexity, managing cost, and aligning applications with critical business capabilities, organizations can improve their overall effectiveness and competitiveness. A well-organized, up-to-date application repository is essential for all these initiatives – complex spreadsheets just can’t do the job.

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Bringing transparency to a complex IT landscape

"We have this big, heterogeneous, IT landscape with thousands of applications, but there was no holistic big picture or transparency in the past. LeanIX enabled us to create a holistic overview of our global IT landscape in a short period of time. We now have a clear understanding of how important specific business capabilities are and how well the underlying IT systems support it."

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Christian Schwaiger, Head of Corporate EAM

How it works

Manage software complexity and costs with LeanIX

Create an inventory of all your Applications and map Business Capabilities

  • Get started by importing existing application data from Excel or through our well-documented open APIs
  • Leverage automated SaaS Discovery to find all your SaaS applications and add them to your inventory
  • Identify the stakeholders from business and IT responsible for each application and let them take ownership via subscriptions
  • Develop a Business Capability map either from scratch or import a best-practice Business Capability Map

Conduct an in-depth evaluation of each application

  • Document how your applications support and enable the business by linking them to business capabilities
  • Utilize Surveys to collect data on the business criticality of each application as well as its functional and technical fit within the organization
  • Link applications to their underpinning software and hardware IT Components to gain an overview of dependencies and associated costs

Design your target application portfolio

  • Use the Business Capability map to identify redundancies in the application landscape
  • Get an overview of data flows and dependencies between applications through provided and consumed interfaces
  • Identify candidates for rationalization with pre-defined reports helping analyze the costs and value of each application
  • Apply the Gartner TIME methodology (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate) to categorize your portfolio and find rationalization candidates

Develop the rationalization roadmap

  • Scope rationalization efforts according to business criticality and functional or organizational User Group
  • Define ways forward for each application in waves of short-term, medium-term, and long-term measures
  • Provide stakeholders with transparency into the current and target landscape with dashboards and reports
  • Plan for continuous rationalization so that your application portfolio remains agile continuously

Benefits from the LeanIX customer base


Save $1.2M in application costs per year.


Remove 30% of redundant applications and IT components within 6 months.


Free up to $1.3M in financial resources for innovation.

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