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The SAP Partner Program

Following SAP LeanIX's acquisition by SAP, the standalone SAP LeanIX partner program has transitioned to SAP's PartnerEdge program.

We remain committed to collaborating with partners and invite you to explore the benefits and application process through SAP's website.

In SAP’s PartnerEdge program, partner companies focus on specific SAP solutions. With the acquisition of SAP LeanIX, PartnerEdge participants can now choose SAP LeanIX as their focus.

Three Ways to Partner with SAP LeanIX

From technology providers to system integrators, consultants to store publishers, SAP LeanIX provides its partners with immediate and dynamic support to deliver value to its joint global customers.


Technology Partners

Collaborate with us to jointly create impactful solutions based on SAP LeanIX and our open API.


Consulting and Advisory Partners

With SAP LeanIX, our partners provide clients with a structured approach to EA that drives transformation with actionable insight into their IT landscape.


GSI Partners

Make SAP LeanIX part of your toolset to expand and differentiate your service offerings.

For all existing SAP partners

Are you interested in learning more about SAP LeanIX and like to add SAP LeanIX to your existing SAP Partneredge Sell or Service partnership? Contact us through this form and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to talk!