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Peers Rate Enterprise Architecture Tools in Gartner’s Voice of the Customer

With so much noise surrounding digital transformation and the increasing complexity of IT, it’s easy for technology leaders to go astray in their search for best-fit vendors. For enterprise architecture (EA) tools, a growing industry with a diverse range of software providers, the selection process can be particularly confusing. That is what makes independent peer reviews invaluable.

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Top 5 Trends in 2020 Enterprise Architects Need to Know

Yesterday’s Enterprise Architecture is no longer enough for competitive digital businesses. Digital transformation enabled by cloud technology has emphatically disrupted what our profession does—or, at least, what we’ve spent the past decade thinking it did—and requires us to again explore and adopt new methodologies and tools to manage IT.

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Presenting LeanIX’s Global Survey on Enterprise Architecture: EA Insights 2019

A new study from LeanIX on the current state of Enterprise ArchitectureEA Insights 2019—is now available to download. Built from answers given by a diversity of senior IT managers and Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects and IT Architects, EA Insights 2019 is a review of the EA discipline and its role in accelerating digital transformation efforts within enterprises across 19 industries such as Automotive, Banking and Technology. In total, more than 1,800+ responses from throughout 21 countries and three regions were collected.

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Fueling Business Growth With Enterprise Architecture: A CIO's Perspective

In conversation with Metis Strategy, a partner of LeanIX, Atlassian’s Chief Information Officer Archana Rao shared insights into her company’s much-publicized growth—a success she attributed heavily to Enterprise Architecture.

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How to Accelerate the Growth of an Enterprise Architecture Program

At LeanIX we regularly say that Enterprise Architecture programs are not able to succeed unless championed by the right people. The reason why is simple: all enterprises develop incredibly unique IT networks that can only truly be mapped by those with free access to equally specialized intelligence. And once (or, if) this information is made available, it must be qualified according to a company-based technical criteria before its contributions to the business as a whole can become interpreted within a dedicated system.

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How to Evaluate Digital Transformations and Avoid "Digital Sameness"

Are you getting what you’ve been promised from digital?

Forrester’s VP Research Director Matt Guarini asked audiences this basic question during his keynote address at the 2019 Digital Transformation & Innovation conference in Chicago.

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Updates to the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management Tool

The 2019 LeanIX US EA Connect Day is over. Though a single-day event, we counted 60+ global attendees who joined eight varieties of sessions on using data-driven Enterprise Architecture to conduct digital business strategies. Of note, this conference served as an opportunity for LeanIX to formally introduce a number of our tool’s new/improved features—each one of which is briefly described in this blog post.

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How to Shape and Execute IT Strategies With Enterprise Architecture

Recommendations on performing Integration Architecture and Interface Modeling with a Data Flow Visualizer


Let’s talk concretely about one of the LeanIX functionalities often used by customers to integrate software landscapes and manage interfaces: the "Data Flow Visualizer". We'll frame the discussion using a 2018 LeanIX EA Connect Days presentation on this exact subject by Dominik Rose, Head of Special Projects at LeanIX, to address the following:

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Serverless Computing: An Introduction

What Enterprise Architects should know


Enterprise Architects won't be surprised to hear that IT ranks as a key enabler of business according to Gartner’s 2019 list of the top trends impacting Infrastructure and Operations. What might surprise them, however, is the item on the list’s top spot: “Serverless Computing”.

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The LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector: New Automation from ITARICON and LeanIX

Introducing the LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector by ITARICON


ITARICON, a designer of digital solutions for integrated customer and supply chains processes, expanded the functionality of the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management tool to include a feature specifically for superior insights into SAP PI/PO components.

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