Challenges With Implementing Microservice Architecture

Posted by Laura Mauersberger on August 2, 2017

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In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of implementing microservices with Big Data. 

In life, we know that when you make a choice, you also choose the consequence. The consequences of moving to a microservice framework from a monolithic framework pail in comparison to the benefits, but there are a few notable challenges.

Costly Employee Additions

Microservies allow for diversifying and strengthening your talent pool of developers - at a cost. A good DevOps engineer is worth his weight in gold and is also highly coveted in the agile market. As microservice frameworks are fairly new, there are few DevOps experts to go around.

Microservices — What an Enterprise Architect Needs to Know

Increased Project Complexity

Moving from a monolithic to microservice framework requires that your programmers have the skills to develop the full-stack. As different components are made of various types of code and contained separately, there is a strong chance that your current developers will have to learn new code languages before starting the integration project.

Increased IT Costs

Your organization will incur measurable costs implementing the microservices framework. Hiring skilled DevOps experts, training your current staff to learn new coding languages, paying for additional servers and database licenses all come with a hefty price tag. Implementing microservices into a current Big Data project under way could be costly.

This framework should be heavily considered and fully mapped out before adapting your organization to it. To prepare your company for Big Data and IoT, consider the many benefits to implementing microservices.

Learn how LeanIX joined software greats like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, by re-inventing their entire IT architecture to include icroservices, DevOps and agility. 

Microservices — What an Enterprise Architect Needs to Know

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