EA Connect Day 2016

Posted by Laura Mauersberger on October 17, 2016

With more than 100 participants, LeanIX establishes a day solely for the international IT Architecture Scene

On October the 6th, LeanIX hosted the 3rd EA Connect Day at the Zalando Innovation Lab in Berlin with over 100 attendees! IT Managers, Enterprise Architects and DevOps Experts from around the world came together to listen to top-notch experts and share their opinions. As the conversations were very interesting so, we would like to give you a summary of the event as well as a quick recap of the speakers. 

 First up we had “Smart EA Deep-Dives” from LeanIX Power Users such as 
  • Sylvia Westphal from Zalando who showed us how Zalando uses LeanIX Survey to collect all the data they need for an effective IT risk management that meets their legal requirements and the high standards set by themselves.
  • Timo Derstappen, Co-Founder of Giant Swarm who says that Giant Swarm takes the burden of running their own infrastructure for microservices from companies. Combined with LeanIX Metrics, organizations can store and analyze technical and business metrics directly in context of their IT architecture, allowing them to gather real-time feedback and iterate faster.
  • Andreas Puke, Head of Enterprise Systems at AMAG gave detailed information on how AMAG achieved full transparency on their SAP landscape and reconciled their SAP and non-SAP application landscape.
  • Priya Kothari, Product, Marketing and Biz Dev Executive at BDNA, showed us that up-to-date technology product information is a key input for Enterprise Architects to assess the risk of their application landscapes and to plan, manage and retire technology components in a smart way. BDNA Technopedia serves as foundation to enrich LeanIX with accurate data on technology to reliably support business decisions.

After this we were able to get an insight on how lean EA actually affects companies with speeches from:
  • Kai Groth, Enterprise Architect at Coca-Cola, who says that basis and at the same time one of the biggest challenges of a successful Enterprise Architect management is the acceptance by the organization. If this is missing, guideposts are ignored and boundaries are crossed. Coca-Cola used this experience in context of its IT reorganization to make a practical restart.
  • Dr. Thomas Mannmeusel, VP Global Process Optimization & Group CIO at Webasto thinks that EAM is not just for large corporations, SME cannot afford to ignore this topic. The good news is: Especially SMEs can have EAM with a smaller budget and achieve concrete results.
  • Oliver Schwarz, Enterprise Architect IT at Vaillant Group indicated that the challenge of small businesses today is to survive in a thriving market of new, digital products and to transform their engineers into software developers. He thinks that EAM may be part of solving this puzzle, but the requirements are far beyond the topic alone.
Finally, we spoke of disruptive trends to productive architecture:
  • Renat Zubairov, CEO of elastic.io who told us about old and new challenges for cloud / SaaS integrations: From standards and lack of experts to new customers, business models, technologies and security and data protection requirements.
  • Valentine Gogichashvili, Head of Data Engineering at Zalando says that Zalando has learned from the past year of digging deeper into data integration in a miscroservices-based environment. Their teams have created Saiki, a scalable, cloud-based data integration infrastructure that makes data from the company’s many microservices readily available to analytical teams.
  • Uwe Friedrichsen, CTO of codecentric who explains us Real-World Consistency…what our options are and what the price is that we need to pay when we deal with lots of data such as microservices, containers, cloud…
  • André Christ, Co-CEO of LeanIX, explaining what’s next on the roadmap for LeanIX, the new features in store for users and the innovations LeanIX is working on that will shape the EA world.

This was a quick summary of the event, but we would love to give you some more visual insight, this is why we have selected some of the best images of the event:

Once again, thank you to all attendees and speakers, it was incredible having you here! 

Also, in case you don’t use LeanIX and have become curious after seeing these presentations, we would love to let you experience LeanIX for yourself, just request a free demo!