José Pires: What Makes a True Innovation Leader?

Posted by Diana Hwang on September 11, 2020

Jose Pires Title PodcastLeaders do not have the ability to predict the future, no matter how transformative their leadership might be.

An innovative leader isn’t distinguished by perfection but by understanding the inherent contradictions of these four pillars of greatness: ideas, methods, technology, and people.

In episode five of our podcast Unleash IT, José Pires, Founder & CEO at Global Excellence & Innovation, sits down with Unleash IT host Claudine Bianchi, to discuss the attributes and strategies of transformative leadership.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Key features of enduring organizations
  • Practical applications for technology innovation
  • How CIOs can change culture
  • The need for value creation, collaborative leadership, and human relationship skills

Also, here are some sneak peaks from the episode:

“One of the key features of these enduring organizations and the very successful transformations that they go through is they have become masters of contradictions.” 

“Over time, you become obsolete if you do not innovate.”

 - José Pires

Listen to the full episode of the insightful conversation below and if you like what you hear, be sure to share it on your own social networks!

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