LeanIX at the Forrester Digital Transformation Forum Europe 2016

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on June 20, 2016


This year’s Forrester Digital Transformation Forum dealt with the whole scope of digitization topics organizations have to take care of. Forrester Vice President Martin Gill claimed from the beginning that being just customer-centric is not enough nowadays. He showed examples of techniques how companies can understand their customers as thoroughly as is necessary today – and preferably improve their products together with their customers. 

This was elaborated on during the two days of the event in presentations around subjects like API strategies, risks and chances of blockchains, Internet of Things, but also new data security requirements. The chosen topics confirmed once more how necessary the close integration of business and IT is in times of digital transformation, as well as the ability to react promptly to changing customer requests.

Andreas Puke from LeanIX

Andreas Puke from LeanIX client AMAG showed in his presentation how AMAG meets the challenge of balancing between technical consolidation and innovation. On the one hand the SAP landscape has to be consolidated and prepared for S4/HANA, on the other hand customer demands are changing, e.g. for new forms of mobility or individual proposals. Andreas Puke demonstrated which central role their lean EAM approach (based on LeanIX) plays during this constant balancing act and why automated data transfers (for example from SAP, BDNA Technopedia or ServiceNow) make their jobs a lot easier. To continue in this direction, amongst other initiatives AMAG is taking part in exciting projects like the largest European Hackathon http://hackzurich.com/.

Andreas Puke’s presentation is available here:

If you would like to find out more about how AMAG is using LeanIX, please download our AMAG Success Story here.

Besides the subject of data import and automation, visualization is always important for LeanIX. We are convinced that intelligent visualization can support all the topics mentioned above and help make decisions. At the Digital Transformation Forum we were able to present another highlight: Visitors were able to literally “get in touch” with LeanIX with the help of a large Microsoft Surface Hub.

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