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Meeting the challenge of digitization head-on – lean EA paves the way for successful business transformation

Posted by Ruth Reinicke
LeanIX White Paper on Digital Transformation
LeanIX White Paper on Digital transformation
As an EA professional you cannot help but think about Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) - what impact will they have on my company, what will our role be in riding the crest of these waves? The answer is simple: we either embrace these transformations or prepare to be irrelevant. No other discipline is more critical to a successful adoption of these trends within an organization than the Enterprise Architecture discipline.

What is coming means a huge increase in digital (IT) systems with infinite ways of linking with each in an ever changing environment to meet new challenges and create competitive advantage. In this world when change is the norm, you need ways to control, understand and manage the assets that make up a digital company.

LeanIX White Paper makes the case for lean EAM

Enlightened Architects should start looking for modern tools that were born to deal with this new world. These systems should be lean, agile, ubiquitous and as easy to use as “Google”. The idea of using anything that needs six to twelve months to install and configure and then several training sessions to get people to use the systems is anachronistic, but more importantly it has failure written all over it.

Here at LeanIX we have embraced this revolution and we have come up with EA solutions that move quicker than the impeding changes the digital transformation brings along. We are already supporting companies who change their services on a daily basis by being the source of reference of the current day’s systems in action and with the view that tomorrow we will be supporting a completely different mix of systems and other assets.

Why don’t you download our White Paper “Digital transformation: A case for lean Enterprise Architecture Management” to find out how to establish and nurture a modern Enterprise Architecture that will support you by forming the backbone of the digital transformation?

Digital Transformation: A Case for Lean Enterprise Architecture Management

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