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Netskope & LeanIX Offer Insight On Your SaaS Portfolio

Posted by Vijay Mandeep on February 19, 2024
Netskope & LeanIX Offer Insight On Your SaaS Portfolio

LeanIX has partnered with Netskope to integrate CASB capabilities into the LeanIX platform. Vijay Mandeep explains the value of this new integration for SaaS discovery and cyber security.

LeanIX is proud to announce our latest integration with Netskope, a leader in secure access service edge (SASE). This new partnership will help our users enhance their cyber security and empower their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) discovery capabilities.

70% of digital transformations fail, according to BCG, and this is often due to a lack of oversight of parts of the IT landscape. To transform and then protect your infrastructure, you need advanced SaaS discovery capabilities to ensure complete oversight.

Using the Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to monitor cloud traffic empowers you with a live view of all the SaaS applications used      across your organization. We're excited about the possibilities of what LeanIX users can achieve using the power of the Netskope SASE platform.

“Netskope Secure Service Edge delivers unparalleled visibility into users’ and devices’ interactions with over 70,000 SaaS applications. While Netskope’s focuses on safely enabling SaaS usage, LeanIX integration pivots and presents the applications that, 98% of the time, have not been officially onboarded, let alone authorized. This delivers the best of both worlds - helping users safely leverage Internet resources, while helping companies control spend.”

Mike Anderson, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Netskope

SaaS Discovery Is Key For IT Strategy Alignment

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications present a unique benefit to      enterprise due to their ease of access and deployment. They're so user-friendly that employees often feel empowered to subscribe and utilize these applications without the involvement of their IT team.

Without the oversight of IT, however, the unsupervised use of SaaS tools can create blindspots in your application portfolio. IT teams can then be left with no oversight on how many SaaS applications are being used by how many users.

When the applications are working and don't need oversight, this can be effective, but the issues arise when your IT team attempts to align its application portfolio with the overall business strategy. That simply isn't possible without a complete and updated inventory of your SaaS applications.

Since, by definition, SaaS applications don't need IT oversight, you can't rely on users to come to you to register their use. As such, it's essential to have an enterprise architecture management platform with automated SaaS discovery.

To find out more about how the LeanIX platform can cast light on SaaS use in your organization, book a demo:

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Harnessing CASB To Power SaaS Discovery

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) play an integral role in enhancing an organization's data protection ability by monitoring and controlling network traffic between end users and cloud service providers. These brokers operate as a control point to safeguard cloud-related operations in organizations by ensuring due diligence and pro-active monitoring.

All cloud traffic into and out of your organization flows through your CASB, meaning both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud application use can be monitored through your CASB. This allows organizations to protect their data by identifying when it is being sent to unsanctioned applications.

Since CASBs monitor traffic through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, they're perfectly placed to level up LeanIX' SaaS discovery capabilities. This is why LeanIX sought to team up with Netskope in order to level-up our SaaS discovery capabilities.

LeanIX and Netskope For SaaS Discovery

Global SASE leader, Netskope, a helps organizations apply zero-trust principles and AI/ML innovations to protect data and defend against cyber threats. Netskope and LeanIX have chosen to partner to scale-up Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) discovery and cyber security for our users.

With the new LeanIX-Netskope integration, organizations can create a comprehensive SaaS inventory and track cloud application usage to maximize investment value while mitigating risks that could lead to high costs. Using LeanIX and Netskope, you can:

  • discover SaaS applications
  • create a reliable and automated SaaS inventory
  • ensure data completeness through continuous SaaS discovery
  • monitor and track all the SaaS applications in use
  • conduct application rationalization to remove redundant applications

This new Netskope integration for LeanIX gives enterprise architects the power to create and maintain a data-rich inventory of their entire software application portfolio. The Netskope integration adds real-time data tracking to the SaaS discovery toolset already present in the LeanIX platform.

This ensures complete oversight of your IT landscape to empower you to align it with your business strategy and goals. This is key for maintaining continuous business transformation across your estate.

Existing LeanIX users can find all the details about leveraging this new integration in our technical documentation:

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