The LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector: New Automation from ITARICON and LeanIX

Posted by Tim R on May 17, 2019

LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector from ITARICON

Introducing the LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector by ITARICON


ITARICON, a designer of digital solutions for integrated customer and supply chains processes, expanded the functionality of the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management tool to include a feature specifically for superior insights into SAP PI/PO components.

The “LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector”—an adapter relevant to anyone performing Integration Architecture Management with SAP Netweaver PI/PO software—delivers automated overviews of all SAP integrations and processes right to the LeanIX inventory to minimize the following architectural challenges:

  • Insufficient overview of components, applications and interfaces resulting in poor analytics and bad investments;
  • Poor overview of planning, developing and existing interfaces leading to redundant deployments; and
  • Heightened compliance risks connected to uncertainty over how data management adheres to Service Level Agreements.

Here are two client examples from ITARICON showing how and why the LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector is used by Enterprise Architects: 

"Interface Governance and Planning"

A Certified Partner of LeanIX, ITARICON used the LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector integration to help a global pharmaceutical company govern their interfaces. This client required additional architectural insights to complement the offerings of their SAP software—extra capabilities precisely like the automated visualizations and analytics available in LeanIX.2020_Social_Media_CTA_LinkedIn_v

The solution? A LeanIX-SAP PO Connector runs as a Managed Service by the SAP Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

The benefits of a LeanIX-SAP PI/PO Connector:

  1. Transparent interfaces revealing all SAP and non-SAP applications in IT landscapes
  2. Automatically generated insights into the integrations and usages of IT components (e.g., protocols/formats like tRFC, SOAP, etc.) 

LeanIX Interface Circle Map SAP

A LeanIX Interface Circle Map showing all "Interfaces", "Provided Interfaces" and "Consumed Interfaces" relating to SAP FI (Finance and Accounting). 


Lifecycles of Interfaces” by ITARICON and LeanIX: Interfaces must change at the same pace as their system landscapes. In order to make sure this element of the architectural planning processes isn’t neglected, ITARICON connects the development lifecycles of SAP interfaces to the IT reporting analytics of LeanIX for new architectural angles into project portfolios and operational processes.


"Message Control during ERP Transformation"

ITARICON leveraged its LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector to help a client finalize the best possible ways to integrate its omnichannel outlets during a switch from Microsoft ERP to SAP S/4 HANA. Stemming from lingering inefficiencies between its business and IT departments, a thorough examination of all proposed integration routes was requested to see where and how data flows might be altered to optimize elements of “Message Control”—a customizable SAP mechanism integral in the output of enterprise workflows.

The solution? End-to-end transparency of all planned integration scenarios in LeanIX. 

The results of end-to-end transparency into integration planning:

  1. Actionable clarity on as-is data flows for Message Types, Control, Forms and Output Control
  2. Defined solutions for new message flows
  3. Detailed analysis and complete descriptions of optimization potential across the entire Business-IT landscape
  4. Precise mapping of improved messaging and data objects flows
  5. A developed and fully implemented governance process for sustainable Message Control processes.


Further Information

A SaaS-enabled service to end manual integration planning efforts, remote monitoring of the LeanIX Connector is offered by ITARICON Integration Management

More information on the LeanIX SAP PI/PO Connector can be found at ITARICON's product page Social Media LeanIX Twitter

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