Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple - EA Connect Day U.S.

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on June 21, 2018

EA Connect Day U.S.

On June 7th, 2018, we brought our coveted EA Connect Day event to the U.S., with our inaugural event in New York City. Building on the success of our past events in Europe, we were very excited to gather with peers and partners in the U.S. to explore the challenges and opportunities facing today’s EA.

We had a fantastic lineup of speakers who fostered great conversations on topics like new approaches to business capabilities mapping, navigating complex migrations, the power of visualization in building a business case, among others!

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a quick recap of this year’s event:

Data Is Beautiful: Harnessing the power of visualization to surface insights, patterns and stories from numbers - David McCandless, Information Is Beautiful

This year, we’re proud to have welcomed Keynote Speaker, David McCandless, who spoke on the power of data visualizations, and how to uncover actionable information amongst a vast amount of data. In today’s industry, data can be overwhelming and seem endless, however, visualization can result in powerful insights among a sea of data.


LeanIX Insights - André Christ, co-founder and co-CEO, LeanIX

Following a impressive keynote session, André Christ of LeanIX, delivered the latest product updates and innovations from LeanIX. Discussing how and why LeanIX’s solution meets the needs of CIOs, Business Partners, and IT teams, Christ spoke to the intuitive navigation of LeanIX, enabling transparency and collaboration that breaks down silos and increases productivity in the enterprise.



How to Accelerate your EA Practice - Christian Richter, VP of Customer Success, LeanIX

Discussing EA tools in the enterprise, Christian Richter of LeanIX, shared best practices on how to drive EA for those just getting started in their organizations. His insights? Start small, establish EA as a key part of your IT process, create a strong team of EAs, and continuously develop and improve use cases to demonstrate the value of EA.


Transforming Business Technology Silos through LeanIX EA Portfolio Visualizations - Nancy Halvorsen, Pinellas County

Silos, and how to break them up within an organization was one of the most frequent talking points of the day -- showing a clear and major challenge for today’s EAs and IT professionals. Nancy Halvorsen of Pinellas County, gave a terrific presentation speaking to how Pinellas County successfully integrated LeanIX, and offered insights and best practices when implementing a new APM tool -- saying transparency, access, and clear communication are key factors when introducing an EA practice.


Why Silicon Valley Made EA Leaner - David Torre, Center Mast & Joe McKendrick, Journalist

One of the day’s highlights brought together industry influentials, David Torre of Center Mast, and IT journalist, Joe McKendrick, who shared insights into how to best show the value of EA, and why being lean is vital to success. Biggest learnings? Speed is vital. Start small, define the value of EA, iterate and learn, and grow as needed.


Best Practices for Business Capabilities Maps - Mike Rosen, Business Architecture Guild

Arguably one of the enterprise architecture’s most influential advocates, Mike Rosen, founder of the Business Architecture Guild, shared insight into why business capabilities are so important, digging into why strong, foundational and strategic capability mapping can make all of the difference when driving IT transformation initiatives.


EA meets ITIL, the Benefits of a LeanIX-ServiceNow Integration - Kevin McKee, Horizon Blue Cross Shield of New Jersey

Kevin walked attendees through the complex IT transformation journey Horizon has embarked on. He provided some insightful learnings on using technology catalog composite data to build Canonical Application Architectures, specifically when integrating with ServiceNow. He gave candid advice on the challenges to get business line buy-in and tips on mapping architectures in a way that gives the right department ownership of data. 


And, that’s a wrap! EA Connect Day was a success! Thank you to our attendees and speakers for joining and learning with us. We’re lucky to be part of such a strong and forward-thinking community of EAs and IT professionals. Stay tuned for more about our 2019 U.S. event - we hope you will join us!

See you next year!

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