The Week in Enterprise Architecture #17 | 2018

Posted by Lesa Moné on April 27, 2018

Enterprise Architecture News

Explore this week's Enterprise Architecture stories and key topics. Learn tips about agile architecture from the trenches; explore the intersection of IoT and blockchain from an exciting IoT startup, and discover Facebook's GDPR concerns. This week brings crucial commentary from relevant IT thought leaders from various industries.


What happened this week in the EA world? Jump right in:



The Future of Enterprise Applications
Today, enterprise applications are assembled and integrated from a mashup of internal software, external applications, and open source components developed by third parties. Tracking all of these components as they are consumed and changed is a very different job compared to traditional IT architecture design and monitoring. Click here to learn more. 

The Power of Today's Mainframe for the Company of the Future
IT decision makers that are working with mainframe technology are currently faced with the perfect opportunity to take the technology further than ever before. Using existing modern software tools, companies can use the valuable information it holds to build and support new tech applications. Read the full article.


Three Ways to Make Your Organization Agile
In this article, change architect Bart Schlatmann shares his expertise on adapting an organization to agile delivery. The change isn't always smooth or pretty, as 30 percent of senior managers didn’t fit in the new culture, they left ING.  Click here to read the top three ways to make your organization  agile from a practicing thought-leader. 


Why IoT and Blockchain Are a Perfect Match
This article investigates the synergy between IoT and blockchain. Lorenzo Pieri, Cofounder, and CEO at AnyLedger dives deep into relevant questions including: Is IoT powerful enough for blockchain? Can blockchain handle a huge amount of IoT data? Are blockchain fees too expensive for IoT? Click here to explore the unity between IoT and blockchain.



What's Better for DevOps? In-House or as a Service?
Like most advanced data architectures these days, DevOps poses a dilemma for the enterprise: Do you build it from within, leveraging your already considerable investment in IT technology, or do you outsource it to the cloud, retaining only the barest infrastructure for your critical needs? Click here to learn more.


Mastering the Art of Container Orchestration
At a base level, container orchestration provides the mechanism through which IT organizations provision hosts for containers, instantiate a set of containers, reschedule containers that fail to run, link containers together via application programming interfaces (APIs), scale container clusters up and down by adding or subtracting containers, and expose services to machines outside the cluster. Where things get especially complex from an IT management perspective is when new functionality gets added to a microservice. Click here to learn how to master the art of container orchestration. 



Modernizing IT for a Digital Erain Microservices



Rookout Raises $4.2M for Its Rapid Production Debugging Platform
Israeli startup Rookout is tackling one dreaded aspect of coding: debugging, by helping developers track down issues in production code without forcing developers to do any additional coding to write additional tests and re-deploy their apps. Rookout recently raised $4.2 million in seed funding from TLV Partners and Emerge. Learn more here.


Facebook Warns GDPR Could Flatten or Reduce European User Count

Europe’s sweeping privacy law GDPR goes into effect May 25th, and Facebook is shaking with trepidation. Facebook CFO David Wehner warned that “MAU (monthly active users) or DAU (daily active users) might be flat or down in Q2 due to the GDPR rollout.” He also said that while Facebook doesn’t expect a significant impact on ads from GDPR, there may be a slight impact and it will be monitoring for that. Click here to read Wehner's thoughts on the GDPR's impact on the global online advertising industry. 

That was the week in a nutshell; let's see what next week brings!