US EA Connect Day 2019: Final Agenda Announced

Posted by Tim R on May 3, 2019

EACD US 2019

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LeanIX’s US EA Connect Day 2019 will happen on May 30 in New York City. Space is getting very limited, so if you haven’t already reserved your all-entry pass into a conference entirely dedicated to the leading trends in Enterprise Architecture and exciting feature updates about LeanIX, we recommend doing so before it’s too late.

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EA Connect Day is a must-attend conference for all Enterprise Architects seeking practical yet modern ways of organizing IT and Business processes, and in addition to a planned keynote speech entitled “Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Approach to Enterprise Architecture” by Mark McGregor, LeanIX Strategist and former Research Director at Gartner, further presentations like the following will take place:


[Read: The complete agenda for the 2019 US EA Connect Day in New York City]


Amy Asadi, Workday

Adaptive and Business Outcome-driven EA

  • “Business Outcome-driven Architecture” is a paradigm shift requiring individuals to holistically look at businesses (their goals, strategies, operations, executions and metrics) to achieve a clear line-of-sight and, in most cases, measurable impact on the business. This approach requires technical architects to improve their business acumen and change the focus of their conversations to business rather than on specific technology or tools. If following this approach, organizations can benefit from clearer trade-offs and from using technical roadmaps quickly adjusted to match business environments in order to effectively guide investment strategies and stay responsive to varying industry needs.

Max Bishop, EBSCO Information Services

How to Launch a Successful RollOut – A Case Study

  • Inputting metadata is easy; changing community culture is hard. In this presentation, Max Bishop will use EBSCO’s story as a case study to share what they did, how they did it, and the lessons they learned. Bishop wants audiences to build off of EBSCO’s success in order to optimize their own deliberations and modelling endeavours to avoid similar growing pains.


US EA Connect Day 2019 is, of course, a perfect time to network with your global community of Enterprise Architects, and there will be plenty of chances in between presentations for attendees to do so—including a dedicated reception for drinks and snacks the evening before (the 29th) the event at a rooftop bar next to New York City’s Times Square. 

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