Women In Tech Interview: Joanna Biela, LeanIX

Posted by LeanIX on August 10, 2023


Our Women In Tech forum is an online community addressing equality in the workplace. As part of a series of interviews, Jessica Wilson, our DEI Program Manager, spoke to Joanna Biela, our Global Strategic Alliance Manager, about her experiences.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIXWhat led you to pursue a career in tech and what challenges have you overcome?

Joanna-BielaFrom a young age, I was fascinated by technology, and that drove me to choose a career in tech.

As a woman in this field, I embraced being an underdog, finding strength in overcoming challenges with determination. I wanted to be part of the future that technology offers and the innovative solutions it brings.

Breaking through gender biases, I showed that abilities have no limits. Each obstacle I faced became a chance to grow, building resilience and a thirst for knowledge.

Today, as a successful woman in tech, I inspire others to believe that passion and perseverance can overcome anything and lead us to a brighter tomorrow.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

Do you think diversity and inclusion has improved in tech over the last few years?

Joanna-BielaAbsolutely! Over the last few years, I've witnessed first-hand the encouraging strides towards greater diversity and inclusion in the tech industry while working for LeanIX.

As a woman in tech, I'm inspired by this positive shift and eager to be an integral part of the change. LeanIX, a company that values diversity, is making significant progress in creating an inclusive environment.

I see more women and underrepresented groups being welcomed into the organization, contributing their unique ideas and skills. Initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion are at the forefront, bridging the gap and breaking down barriers.

While there's still work ahead, I'm proud to be associated with LeanIX, and together, we are driving a future where tech embraces the richness of diverse talent, propelling us towards even greater innovation and progress.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

Do you think the rise of remote and hybrid working has helped improve inclusion?

Joanna-BielaThe rise of remote and hybrid working has indeed helped improve inclusion in the tech industry. By eliminating geographical barriers, individuals from diverse backgrounds can now participate more easily in tech roles.

Remote work fosters flexibility, making it possible for people with various needs and circumstances to engage in meaningful contributions. This inclusive approach encourages companies to focus on skills and abilities rather than physical location, leading to a more diverse workforce.

Moreover, remote and hybrid setups enable a healthier work-life balance, benefiting underrepresented groups and promoting a more inclusive and supportive work culture for everyone.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

What's the best piece of advice you've received about working in tech?

Joanna-BielaThe best advice I've received about working in tech is to embrace a growth mindset and recognize the power of mentorship. Technology is ever-evolving, and to thrive in this dynamic field, one must be open to continuous learning and adaptation.

Having mentors can provide invaluable guidance, helping navigate challenges and gaining insights from their experiences. Embracing challenges as opportunities and viewing failures as stepping stones to success allows me to stay resilient and innovative.

By staying curious, being proactive in seeking knowledge, and staying adaptable, with the guidance of mentors, I can unlock my full potential and make a meaningful impact in the tech world.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

Do you feel that the responsibilities of childcare are more even now than they were?

Joanna-BielaAs a woman without kids, but considering the possibility in the future, I recognize that progress has been made in making childcare responsibilities more even, but there are still challenges to overcome.

Despite advancements, some workplaces may still hold biases against working mothers, making it difficult for them to balance family and career. To make this more fair, we need to continue advocating for flexible work arrangements and parental leave policies that benefit both men and women.

Additionally, promoting a cultural shift that values shared caregiving and supports parents in their career choices can create a more inclusive and supportive environment. By addressing these challenges, we can empower women to pursue both family and work without sacrificing their professional aspirations.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

Racial diversity and LGBT+ rights are equal challenges to gender equality in tech. Do you see all diversity and inclusion as one struggle or as parallel issues with their own unique facets?

Joanna-BielaRacial diversity and LGBT+ rights are indeed equal challenges to gender equality in tech. While they share the common goal of promoting diversity and inclusion, each faces unique facets and struggles.

Viewing all diversity and inclusion as one struggle acknowledges the interconnectedness of these issues, where progress in one area can positively impact others. However, recognizing them as parallel issues emphasizes the importance of addressing their distinct challenges.

Combining efforts to create a more-inclusive environment, while also recognizing and respecting the unique experiences of underrepresented groups, allows us to cultivate a tech industry that celebrates and values diversity in all its forms.

Jessica Wilson, DEI Program Manager, LeanIX

What is the biggest change you'd like to see in the tech industry to support women?

Joanna-BielaThe biggest change I'd like to see in the tech industry to support women is a genuine commitment from male leaders to champion diversity and inclusion.

While many profess their support, it's essential to see tangible action. Encouraging more women in leadership positions and fostering a diverse talent pool requires intentional initiatives.

We need male leaders to actively seek out and empower talented women, breaking the cycle of male-dominated leadership. By fostering an environment where women's voices are amplified and respected, we can bridge the gender gap and cultivate a truly inclusive tech industry that embraces the strength of diversity for collective success.

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