We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet

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At LeanIX we feel responsible and care deeply about our environment and the impact we have on it, using our innovative mindset to reduce the carbon footprint of our organization, while supporting others to do the same.


Improve LeanIX’s environmental impact by innovating and continuously transforming towards a more sustainable future


Measure the full LeanIX CO2 footprint and offset LeanIX travel CO2 footprint


Support employee-driven projects that lead to a more sustainable environment and organization


Motivate and empower employees to make sustainable decisions

What we offset so far

3770 kg

Offsetting CO2 is not the answer to climate change, but while we work hard to reduce our CO2 footprint, we can take action with compensation right now.

This is equivalent to

car_icon_48px CO2 emissions of a 26918 km car drive
tree_icon_48px CO2 compensated by 142 trees a year
steak_icon_48px CO2 emissions of 1719 steaks (150g)

Though we compensate all our travel activity at LeanIX, we also incorporate CO2-related donations in our marketing efforts. Keep an eye out for our new marketing campaigns to discover what we are doing at LeanIX.

Our Partners

GreenIX: The Lean, Green, Planet-saving Team

GreenIX: The Lean, Green, Planet-saving Team

A small group of dedicated employees, spanning different departments and countries, united by a common goal to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change.
LeanIX and Cozero: Taking on Carbon Footprint Reporting Together

LeanIX and Cozero: Taking on Carbon Footprint Reporting Together

To get to net-zero, we're using Cozero, a SaaS for tracking and managing corporate carbon emissions.