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IT Sustainability

Sustainable IT has become critical for modern organizations. A combination of regulatory requirements, market demand, and stakeholder expectations will make greener IT practices a standard in many industries.

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But sustainable IT is not only good for the planet; it also unlocks opportunities for optimizing application portfolios and saving costs. LeanIX and PwC Germany came together to define a blueprint and set a starting point for Sustainable Enterprise Architecture initiative.
Stakeholders, customers, and legislators are drawn toward organizations that value sustainability. Enterprise architecture enables organizations to assess the impact of their IT practices on the planet and guide sustainability initiatives.


"The share of global electricity consumption of the ICT sector will rise to 21% in 2030."

Digital Information World (2020)

Assess Your Progress Toward ESG Goals

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.
It provides a set of criteria for investors and stakeholders to evaluate an organization's environmental and ethical impact. Based on the works of, PwC Germany identified five key metrics that IT impacts the most. With LeanIX, you can manage and track ESG data using these five key metrics.



Measure the carbon footprint of your IT organization

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Determine what percent of your energy use comes from renewables

Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

Capture lifecycle and recycling data of IT components

Digital Ethics

Digital Ethics

Stay vigilant about data privacy and security to build trust for IT transformation initiatives

Green Sourcing

Green Sourcing

Include the sustainability scores of your hardware and software providers


Making “sustainability” an integral part of IT strategy

“Research has shown that 88% of companies' sustainability-related strategy decisions are influenced by IT. There are a concrete number of steps IT can take to impact sustainability.”

Niklas Sundberg, CIO Assa Abloy


Driving IT sustainability through Enterprise Architecture

“The transparency and data we have in LeanIX EAM have been leveraged to gain critical insights into the current sustainability status of our IT.”

Elton James, CIO Viega


Understand and Manage Your Sustainability Impact and Risks

Collect and manage sustainability data with the ESG Capability Fact Sheet

  • Create a single source of truth for ESG transformation
  • Leverage surveys to gather information from subject matter experts and data owners
  • Import existing sustainability data from Excel through export import functionality

Strategize and visualize your ESG initiatives with PwC’s best-practice ESG Capability Map

  • Develop an ESG Capability Map from scratch or import the best-practice ESG Capability Map
  • Visualize an overview of ESG initiatives and their key performance indicators (KPIs) to help identify areas for improvement
  • Get a more detailed understanding by navigating to each capability and evaluating its strategic importance and current and target maturity

Plan projects with LeanIX

  • Create projects specific to each ESG Capability using the Project Fact Sheets to close the gap between identifying areas of improvement and taking concrete steps toward the target goal
  • Leverage the Business Transformation Management (BTM) module to model architectural elements impacted by the projects
  • Utilize Transformation Explorer in the BTM module to get an overview of changes in the IT landscape and track the progress of the transition

Track and analyze your progress

  • Get an overview of the status quo of your IT architecture in relation to ESG
  • Identify candidates for rationalization using ESG metrics (such as energy consumed by each IT Component)

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