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Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get more value out of existing data and processes by leveraging
the following native Integrations with LeanIX.

Integrations Overview

Get Data into LeanIX Effortless with These Integrations

One of the biggest challenges in Enterprise Architecture is to initially fill the repository with meaningful data and keep them up to date automatically. These Integrations ensure exactly that for you with minimal configuration efforts.


Synchronize your IT Component Lifecycles and Metadata with Flexera's massive IT Asset Catalog


Exchange your Infrastructure and Software Assets with your Service Management Solutions


Integrate with your Process Repository and link Business Process Charts directly in your LeanIX Fact Sheets


Show live and interactive LeanIX Reports in Atlassians Project Collaboration Software

Technology Risk Management

Flexera Technopedia Integration

Managing data about your Applications and Infrastructure is necessary for all kinds of Use Cases, but extremely time-consuming. The Integration with Flexera’s huge database that contains detailed information about Vendor and Product metadata like especially the lifecycles are crucial for accurate, data driven decisions.

Automate the import and maintenance of

  • Lifecycles
  • Vendor and manufacturer metadata like name and their products
  • Product metadata like major- and minor-version, name, product family

Service Management

ServiceNow Integration

Having a huge amount of IT Components driving your Applications is very common. Keeping all the databases, frameworks and hosting provider up-to-date is the challenge that comes along with it. The Service Management Teams struggle in establishing well-thought-out and realistically calculated IT and Business Services. The ServiceNow Integration with LeanIX provides instant value for both Teams by importing the IT Components from ServiceNow and providing it the Services in return.

Following a Master-Slave approach, the Integration automates the import of all IT Components that are gathered by ServiceNow’s Inventory Agents. Of course the data is kept up-to-date in real-time. Whenever something in the leading System for Applications, IT Components or any other configured Fact Sheet Type changes, it’s synced to the Slave in real-time.


Business Process Management

Signavio Integration

Unleashing the power of your processes requires that you have all the data you need at your fingertips. Since BPM is an integrated discipline, this goes both ways. The Integration with LeanIX and Signavio ensures that the BPM Teams can model and mine the Processes with all Applications, IT Components and User Groups at their fingertips to synchronise those processes back to LeanIX.


Real-time Collaboration

Confluence Integration

The Integration with Confluence enables you to share any Report with real-time data in any Confluence Page. Consumers of the content will of course only see the data if it’s available to them.


Add any LeanIX Report

LeanIX comes with a variety of Reports that can all be included in your Confluence pages. Amongst them are Roadmaps, Application Portfolios or Heat Map Reports visualizing, for example, the Application Landscape.

Live data on hand

Whenever something changes in LeanIX, it changes live in the Report in your Confluence page. Also, you can easily navigate out of your embedded Report directly into LeanIX Fact Sheets.

Configurable views

Narrow down the result set of your Report through filters and facets, and add your saved Bookmarks to any page. Also, simply configure height and width when inserting the Report to make it fit into your page properly.

Use Cases

Solving today's problems and make you ready for the challenges of tomorrow