Pricing Value Stream Management

Connect teams, technology, and processes to deliver reliable software efficiently.

Pricing based on number of software artifacts

Only your discovered software artifacts in LeanIX count.

Value Stream Management (VSM)

Key Features

  • Discover and catalog software artifacts and the underlying infrastructure
  • Leverage our Open API and ready-to-use integrations to seamlessly integrate with your tech stack
  • Analyze how DORA and flow metrics, standards, and vulnerabilities tie to business outcomes
  • Visualize insights and share knowledge in configurable dashboards, reports, portals and diagrams
  • Foster collaboration and share knowledge with our unlimited-user access

Choose your Support Level


  • Phone Support
  • 12h reply time
  • Dedicated CSM


  • Phone Support
  • 24h reply time
  • CSM


  • Mail Support
  • 48h reply time
  • CSM