5 Critical IT Architecture Challenges Solved With Real-Time Metrics

Posted by Lesa Moné on May 14, 2018


Learn how to rethink Enterprise Architecture by combining your existing EA repository with real-time data from our latest webinar. Gartner reports that 90% of the information assets from big data analytics efforts through 2017 will be siloed and therefore unleveragable. LeanIX makes all information available in a single repository of information, which helps to solve many use cases. 

In the webinar linked below, Dominik RoseCustomer Success Manager at LeanIX, presents 5 use cases where real-time data helps to solve EA problems:

  1. Application usage
  2. Availability and functional fit of applications
  3. Interface transaction
  4. Integrating customer service data.
  5. Visualizing IT costs in the business context.


LeanIX Metrics 

In modern IT organizations, many expert tools generate high amounts of data. The big challenge is to leverage this data. LeanIX Metrics allows to display of time series data in the context of Fact Sheets and thereby establishes a valuable business context.

LeanIX metrics

Figure 1: Example of metrics displayed on LeanIX


Learn the average response time through Pingdom integration, unique logins for each application, application availability, and the overall factsheet count with LeanIX Metrics. Download the white paper below to learn concrete examples of what the LeanIX Metrics Add-on can do for your EA practice.


LeanIX Metrics – Data Is Only Valuable in the Right Context

Strong metrics and visualizations support a clean IT landscape. Which metrics support your business decisions?