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85 C-level executives confirm: EA requires real-time metrics

Posted by Simon Barth on May 6, 2016
Modern IT Architecture Survey 2016We.CONECT Global Leaders in cooperation with LeanIX conducted a survey among 85 C-level IT professionals on the state of modern IT architecture in European companies. We are excited to see that high-profile IT professionals confirm that we are working towards the right goals with LeanIX: bringing real-time metrics in the context of Enterprise Architecture (EA), enabling new operating models, expanding our position as the most modern EA tool and engaging in further partnerships with key players in IT management, such as BDNA, the makers of the Technopedia product catalogue. Find the detailed survey results at the end of our post.

Some of the highlights of the survey:

 Top 6 IT architecture concerns require real-time metrics
The top concerns of IT executives regarding their IT architecture, ranked according to importance, are the following:
  1.  Application Performance
  2. Risk
  3. Incidents
  4. Cost
  5. Availability

User Activity

All of these challenges have one thing in common. Their solution benefits from real-time data in the context of Enterprise Architecture. In a typical setup, the required information to solve these use cases is currently only available scattered across various expert tools. We have seen this challenge with many of our clients. To help providing answers, we have developed LeanIX Metrics.

Have a look at our blog post on why you need real-time metrics as an Enterprise Architect

Shift to new IT operating models has only started

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58% of surveyed participants today only have to support release cycles that are longer than 4 weeks. Continuous deployment is not yet widely in place. So, there is still way to go before the shift to continuous deployment and a close integration of development and operations (DevOps) and eventually daily or hourly release circles will be performed.

But the topic is high on the agenda of executives. To make this shift, companies need to have all necessary information available in an intelligent platform. But executives not only want to be supported with the latest tools -  69% expect from their vendors thought leadership in new technologies and are actively engaging with them. That is why we share our own experiences with the latest technologies and methods regularly in talks, like André Christ's keynote at the Rethink! ITEM Conference:

Leaders expect their EA tools to be state of the art

44% of participants already solely rely on an intuitive user interface to allow for fast release cycles rather than classical training. A top user interface is today expected. Also from business software. Smooth integration into the existing tool landscape is a key requirement. For 66% of the IT managers, central user authorization is a must have.

All these topics are high on our agenda. Check out our Whitepaper on Single-Sign-On to learn how LeanIX can be integrated into your central user authorization: LeanIX SSO Whitepaper

Automated life-cycle data frees up time

So far 36% of the surveyed companies use automated product lifecycle data, meaning that 67% still handle lifecycle information manually. So there is a lot of potential for better technology risk management and for reduced manual effort. Check out how we can help together with our partner BDNA to automatically include lifecycle information into your EA repository: LeanIX Technopedia and Risk Management Whitepaper

Find the detailed survey here:

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