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REPORT: How Moët Hennessy Leverages The LeanIX Platform

Posted by Neil Sheppard on January 18, 2024
REPORT: How Moët Hennessy Leverages The LeanIX Platform

Moët Hennessy leverages a partnership between the LeanIX and SAP Signavio platforms to empower their enterprise architecture function with comprehensive data and insight into key performance indicators. Let's explore why Moët Hennessy chose LeanIX and Signavio.

Renowned wine and spirit seller Moët Hennessy (MH) uses the LeanIX platform and SAP Signavio to manage their enterprise architecture and business process information, respectively. We wanted to find out more about why MH chose to leverage the partnership between LeanIX and Signavio and how it's empowering their success.

We commissioned market intelligence firm IDC to produce a report on MH's implementation of LeanIX and SAP Signavio.To find out more about why MH chose LeanIX and Signavio, and the benefits they've derived from leveraging the platforms, download the full report:

DOWNLOAD: IDC - Moët Hennessy: Using Enterprise Architecture To De-Risk SAP S/4HANA Transformation And More

Moët Hennessy's Big Challenge

Moët Hennessy (MH) is the wines and spirits division of French multinational LVMH. The firm operates across 130 countries, employs more than 7,000 people, and recorded revenue of EUR 7 billion in 2022.

MH's portfolio of over 30 brands includes Moët & Chandon, Hennessy, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Glenmorangie, and Ardbeg. In addition, the company offers wine tourism experiences for devoted customers.

Key for the organization's continued growth are five key initiatives run by its information services team:

  1. Creating new direct-to-customer channels
  2. Managing data more efficiently
  3. Onboarding artificial intelligence capabilities
  4. Modernizing and simplifying their application and data landscape
  5. Improving cyber security and data protection

To succeed in these initiatives, MH is working to migrate its SAP application estate into the cloud-based SAP S/4HANA business suite. This involves integrating a variety of cloud-based platforms, including Google Cloud and Salesforce, with S/4HANA's innovative platform to deliver end-to-end business support.

In 2021, MH hired Vincent Blondel as Group Enterprise Architect to drive the program by building an enterprise architecture function for MH. Vincent, however, quickly discovered that MH didn't fully understand the architecture of its platform of more than 800 applications, and a dedicated platform was necessary to model the structure of the firm's IT landscape.

How Moët Hennessy Leverages LeanIX

For Moët Hennessy to achieve its goals, Vincent needed to produce three vital outputs for the company:

  1. A single view of IT assets and business processes that could be seen across the organization
  2. Federated ownership of architecture knowledge driving shared ownership of transformation success
  3. A consistent set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and a way to share progress with senior leadership

To offer that to the business, Vincent sought an enterprise architecture and business process management platform. After considering all the available options, Vincent chose a partnership of the LeanIX enterprise architecture management platform and SAP Signavio's Process Transformation Suite.

The LeanIX platform allowed Vincent to document and analyze all the applications within Moët Hennessy's portfolio and road map a path to transformation success. Meanwhile, Signavio cataloged information about the corresponding business processes and ensured the reality matched the digital landscape.

LeanIX and SAP have been working in partnership for over a decade, culminating in SAP acquiring LeanIX towards the end of 2023. In synergy, the two platforms allowed Vincent's team to control their S/4HANA migration, and also support other business transformation initiatives.

The Value Of The LeanIX Platform

Vincent's team began using LeanIX and Signavio in 2022. Within two months, the team's transformation was completed and they were using an application repository containing all the data they needed about their software stack.

Using LeanIX' data validation capabilities, Vincent was able to ensure data quality and derive deeper insights into optimization strategy. Using these insights, Vincent is making careful progress towards their SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Vincent's approach can be described as "think big, start small", with a high-level plan and incremental progress, focusing on clear use cases with specific objectives. This ensures each step is completed to a high standard and that the project is ready to pivot when circumstances change.

"We never enter data into our enterprise architecture system 'just because'. We must always ask, 'why are we adding this data? What value will it give us?' Everything has a cost, so it needs to deliver a benefit."

Vincent Blondel, Group Enterprise Architect, Moët Hennessy

Share In Moët Hennessy's Success

In the 12 months since Moët Hennessy (MH) adopted LeanIX and SAP Signavio, Vincent has been able to build a single, global view of MH's IT landscape and application portfolio. By analyzing this data, his team have added clear ownership of all applications and key performance indicators (KPIs) for:

  • data quality
  • utilization
  • obsolescence risk
  • functional fit
  • transformation progress

Success against these KPIs are now reported to MH leadership on a regular basis. This is making the company's S/4HANA transformation a deliberate, planned initiative with clear goals and success factors.

Leveraging LeanIX has enabled Vincent's team to revolutionize the way they operate, empowering them for success in:

  • Modernizing their software application portfolio
  • Transforming their SAP estate to S/4HANA
  • Reducing obsolescence and security risk
  • Providing oversight on performance on key applications to leadership
  • Promoting sustainability and reducing their IT carbon footprint
  • Leveraging innovative technology like generative artificial intelligence (AI)

To find out more about why and how Moët Hennessy instituted LeanIX and SAP Signavio, and the benefits they've discovered in doing so, download IDC's report:

DOWNLOAD: IDC - Moët Hennessy: Using Enterprise Architecture To De-Risk SAP S/4HANA Transformation And More

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