LeanIX at Insight 2016 - Models drive Digital

Posted by Dominik Rose on April 18, 2016
LeanIX at Insight 2016 - Models drive DigitalThis year's Insight, the annual conference of our certified partner MID, was dedicated to digitization. Existing business models are questioned and new ones evolve, with IT moving from supplier to core ingredient of these new models. More than 500 visitors at NürnbergMesse discussed in three parallel tracks about modern and innovative ways how companies can react to these challenges. Additional tracks were concerned with BPM, Agile, BI and SAP as well as with MID's products Innovator and smartfacts. LeanIX was there as Gold Partner, with a booth and a talk.

The keynote of MID's managers
keynote of MID's managers Andreas Ditze and Jochen SeemannAndreas Ditze and Jochen Seemann dealt of course with digitization. Using a bicycle hire as illustration, they bridged the gap between a digital business model and consequent modelling of underlying business processes. Like LeanIX, smartfacts focusses on usability. Models from different expert tools can be integrated and managed easily. Already in late 2014, LeanIX Co-CEO André Christ presented an automatic integration between LeanIX and smartfacts live on stage. Since then, smartfacts was consequently improved, in particular regarding process management and collaboration with the business.

Another keynote addressed the digital transformation with a very popular example, German football club Bayern München. And finally, the journalist and moderator Ranga Yogeshwar shared a few critical thoughts on the impact of digitization on our society.

joint talk of LeanIX and MIDThe joint talk of LeanIX and MID was visited well. Benjamin Strathmann and Sebastian Gayer introduced another joint integration. By connecting MID's innovator to LeanIX, companies can combine advantages of both tools. While the innovator provides flexible modelling capabilities to experts, LeanIX connects the informations and makes them available to everyone in the company. By utilising LeanIX's open REST-API the integration is easily extensible.

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