Optimizers are the future of Enterprise Architecture Management

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on December 3, 2015
Current SYRACOM study confirms LeanIX approach

Current SYRACOM study confirms LeanIX approach

The recently published SYRACOM study observes the market from a consulting point of view. The core of this year’s study is the realization that very different tool philosophies are available by now.

New tools are frequently Optimizers that focus on fewer functionalities that are better developed. This also applies to leanIX that features well thought out functionalities and an extremely user-friendly interface. Tools that have been established at the market for a prolonged time are usually Generalists. Generalists are frequently characterized by numerous functionalities which often result in such a complex tool that they can only be implemented with the help of time-consuming consultancy.

A new generation of EAM tools

"Our study shows that a new generation of EAM tools has established itself on the market that rely on lean and optimized approaches to EAM,“ comments Rolf Knoll, Managing Director EAM of SYRACOM AG on his consultancy’s recent study. "We’ve been watching LeanIX for a long time amongst the Optimizers and can definitely see it on the right path. Even today it serves a relevant customer base and can be used out-of-the-box by customers of all sizes.“

Typical Installation costs
Only few providers have supplied their costs for the SYRACOM study. leanIX is amongst the tools with the lowest costs.

Another result of the SYRACOM study relates to the licence price model of the different EAM tools. There are a number of different approaches that are not always transparent to the client. Amongst the 19 tools surveyed prices ranged from free tools to license fees of almost 1.5 Million Euros. However, customers should not overlook that costs for implementation, consulting and training can be incurred that should not be underestimated and that can even sometimes be higher than the initial tool costs.

LeanIX is already completely transparent on cost: The price model for LeanIX is based on the functionalities used by the client and can be easily scaled to account for changing client requirements. The effort for implementation and training is very manageable thanks to the user-friendly leanIX interface as well as the option to use the tool as SaaS version.

The good news for customers is that there is a suitable tool out there for nearly every company philosophy. Whether the company is looking for a complex tool that offers as many functionalities as possible or a low price DIX tool with few features, there are as many different approaches as there are clients. LeanIX clients can rely on the fact that with leanIX they have obtained a tool that has not only optimally developed and implemented important functionalities but is also sustainable. leanIX is the right choice for companies looking for an extremely professional solution that can be implemented fast and without the need for consulting. Across the globe both SMEs and large corporations from an array of industries are utilizing the solution. Businesses of all sizes are being acquired as customers, companies which used to be reluctant with regards to EAM or had had frustrating experiences with cumbersome tools.

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