Tim Crawford: How COVID-19 Changed the CIO Role

Posted by Jenna Kominski on August 27, 2020


As we try to sink into some sense of “normalcy” within the abnormal pandemic conditions we exist in, seasoned CIOs are peering ahead past COVID, and beyond the inevitable economic impacts to position their organizations with strength and agility. 

Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor at AVOA, sits down with Unleash IT host, Claudine Bianchi, to share his thoughts on what that means for CIOs and enterprise architects everywhere. 

In episode 4, you will learn about:

  • How the CIO role has been impacted by COVID.
  • Managing technology risk challenges in remote environments.
  • Data security and compliance across the enterprise.
  • Role of the enterprise architect in today’s world.

Here are some sneak peeks from the podcast: 

"The role of the enterprise architect is absolutely shifting...It’s not this ‘build this huge architecture’ to be able to cover everything and figure out how everything comes in. It’s a...continuous process. It’s not even something where you have to be using agile. Agile is not even enough anymore. You have to constantly be able to shift and kind of move and bob as needed.”

“We just expanded our threat landscape considerably by sending people home. And so now we have corporate data running on networks that we don't manage.”

- Tim Crawford

Listen to the full episode of the insightful conversation and if you like what you hear, share it on your own social networks. 

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