Virtualization Accelerates Digital Transformation

Posted by Lesa Moné on October 26, 2017


Digital transformation is changing all aspects of our world. From spurring various IT initiatives, to fully integrating communication, to changing the way we use our personal devices at home.

Successful companies realize that digital transformation is far more than an IT topic. More than ever, it becomes indispensable to create transparency on the relation between business and IT. Importantly for enterprises, digital transformation has modified how business leaders and the dev team work together.  Practices like scrum and DevOps have opened up and absolutely changed the lines of communication within the dev team, and subsequently within the entire business structure. This widespread change in communication has strengthened the path to continual deployment, accelerated goals, automation, agility, and changing infrastructure.

Agile teams, DevOps and Microservices are the pillars of modern software development. Combined, they allow companies to break the error-prone, tedious plan-build-run process of classical software development into small flexible parts that enable quick time-to-market, high quality and high levels of innovation. These factors are essential for succeeding in the digital world.

Digital transformation has taken center stage. No company can succeed in today’s economy without pushing its current digital envelope.

IDC reports that by the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy.

The facilitators behind digital transformation

Digital transformation enhances business, but the technology behind it is what makes it happen. Integrated clouds, modern data centers, connected IoT devices, big data, DevOps, digital work spaces, point and click integration are all parts that make up the driving factors behind digital transformation. The most important and key technology that can help organizations smooth their path to digital transformation is virtualization.

Virtualization helps customers accelerate digital transformation by:

  • Improving security
  • Helping customers move quickly and safely
  • Ensuring that faster speed to market also means tighter security to market
  • Providing the ability to develop, test, iterate, update, and scale rapidly
  • Integrating public and private clouds
  • Combining unified management
  • Laying a foundation for increased productivity through rich mobile experiences
  • Improving data storage

Storage virtualization 

In the digital age, storage and access to data has to be smooth. Quick access and ease of manipulation of data is an integral part of your enterprise. Not only to comply with current regulations, but to also leverage your organization's data to make quick, accurate business decisions.

Virtualization can bring organizations closer to digital—and business—transformation.

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