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You are interested to dig deeper into our technology stack, we too.


We love to make easy-to-use products with a nice user experience. If you are passionate about this too and you like our stack then go ahead and apply for a Frontend or Full-Stack Position.


The LeanIX SaaS Application is based on a microservice architecture primarily running on Kubernetes.


We are organized in tribes with multiple Scrum teams and guilds with a modern CI/CD Pipeline using GitHub Actions and a canary deployment pattern for production. We do not block you from shipping your new feature or fix once it’s ready and tested … and if it relies on other dependencies, we use Feature Flags that allow you to proceed while finishing some other parts.


Operations is part of our development processes, with a “you build it - you run it,” beyond agile mode and mentality instilled across the entire team.
We use modern tooling to run and manage our deployment clusters, primarily on Microsoft Azure.

Konstantin Tieber

My first month as developer at LeanIX

Finding the next destination on my path as software developer was not an easy task, as there are many interesting projects and companies on the hunt for job candidates. In this post I would like to share my experiences from the first month of starting out.


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