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February 6, 2018

LeanIX Launches Microservices Management Add-On

New offering enables better management of increasing business complexity, fosters collaboration between business and IT, and speeds time to value

Bonn/Boston, February 6, 2018 - LeanIX today announced the availability of a fully supported microservices add-on that helps digital leaders and enterprise architects move from monolith to agile architecture as they transform their IT landscape. Currently in beta, the first version covers both Java and Javascript programming languages and builds on the concept of Docker containers, with more languages to follow.

Over the last year, leading development teams moved from experimentation to deployment of microservices architectures. In fact, an early 2017 study conducted by LeanIX, found that more than 70% of multinational enterprises and mid-size businesses plan to migrate to microservices within the next 12 months. With the LeanIX microservices add-on, IT organizations are now better equipped to manage increasing business complexity with the necessary visibility, transparency, and real-time information.

As the first provider in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) market LeanIX enables organizations to exploit advantages of microservices. The new add-on to the leading LeanIX EA Software-as-a-Service enables IT executives and enterprise architects to foster the adoption of microservices in a managed way. It automates documentation by software engineers and product owner improving knowledge exchange.

Speed and innovation are mission critical in today’s iterative product development environment,” said Andre Christ, CEO and co-founder of LeanIX. “If an organization’s IT landscape isn’t able to keep pace with the business, the products and, consequently, the end-user experience will suffer. We’re proud to now offer this game-changing technology to our customers and look forward to supporting them in their digital transformation journeys.

With LeanIX, all details related to a given microservice are stored in an Application Fact Sheet. The dependencies to the used software libraries are reflected as IT Components and automatically linked to the Application Fact Sheet. Each microservice is equipped with a metadata file, which is placed into its source code repository. The metadata about the service is stored in a YAML-file, which is a developer-friendly format and also used widely in the context of Docker or Kubernetes. Changes to the used software libraries are automatically detected. The processing of the metadata file takes place in the job which builds the new release in a Continuous Integration (CI) Server, with structure of the file is on the Open Source project

Currently in beta, microservices developed in the Java and the Javascript programming language with build systems Maven and NPM are now supported in the LeanIX platform. More programming languages and build systems will be added in the future, thanks to the extensible architecture of Instructions for developers and systems engineers on how to write the Metadata file and how to configure the CI server jobs are available at the LeanIX Developer Hub. LeanIX also offers individual training as part of the beta program.

Customers can now apply to join the three-month beta program free of charge. Prospects can join the Beta-phase as part of a Proof-of-concept project.

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About LeanIX

LeanIX offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Enterprise Architecture (EA), enabling organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions. Hundreds of global brands such as Adidas, DHL, Merck, Vodafone or Zalando use the LeanIX platform to increase transparency and visibility and drive real-time efficiencies. LeanIX addresses IT’s critical need to ensure high quality, real-time data is accessible to the people who need it. Use cases include application rationalization, technology risk management and the shift from monolithic architectures to microservices. LeanIX was founded in 2012 by Jörg Beyer and André Christ. The company's headquarter is in Bonn, Germany, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Houston, Texas.

To learn more about LeanIX, visit or @leanix_net on Twitter.