November 22, 2018

LeanIX Launches Store in Enterprise Architecture Tool Category

New LeanIX Store empowers partners and customers to share reports within the LeanIX ecosystem in a secure and intuitive way

Bonn / Boston - November 22, 2018 - LeanIX, the leading global provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions in Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), today announced the launch of the LeanIX Store, enabling a network of report sharing that improves collaboration and supports continuous product innovation. From the start, the user-friendly Store platform gives the LeanIX community easy access to a wide range of custom reports provided by partners, customers, and LeanIX, as well as the ability to contribute new reports to the Store by leveraging the LeanIX Reporting Framework.

Traditionally, Enterprise Architects have built new reports for every individual use case across all industries. With no platform for sharing reports, this creates massive redundancies, as many reports can be used as a template for other customers facing similar challenges. In addition, companies are faced with the decision to either invest in their own resources to produce reports themselves or to invest in external resources to have reports produced for them. In both cases, it is impossible to be sure that the result is in line with the original plan and that the schedule can actually be met. The added burden of creating new reports slows time-to-market and time-to-value, two key drivers of IT effectiveness.

The LeanIX Store provides users with an ecosystem which leverages the knowledge of many by enabling the contribution and utilization of custom reports. Built with collaboration in mind, administrators in LeanIX can easily access, activate, and share reports. This promotes knowledge-sharing by enabling customers and partners to contribute new reports in a transparent way. A thorough approval and review process ensures the compatibility of the reports within current and future versions of LeanIX. This means users can easily and quickly find the right data visualization when they need it, saving time and resources.  Additionally, partners will now have a new channel to distribute services and address LeanIX customer needs.

“Speed is mission critical for modern IT organizations, but it cannot come at the expense of actionable insights,” said André Christ, co-founder, and CEO of LeanIX. “In our work with hundreds of enterprise architecture teams, we identified a critical issue where valuable time was wasted building and customizing the same types of reports across businesses. The LeanIX Store solves this challenge by promoting knowledge-sharing while enabling the transparency and visibility necessary to show the strategic value of EA projects and stay version safe. This is essential to the success of the modern IT organization and is a key part of our product roadmap.”  

The Store is now available through the LeanIX application itself and also in any browser. It currently includes several template reports from existing partners including Deloitte, Incowia, Itaricon, and Itelligence. Users will soon be able to easily access more reports from the broader community of partners and customers via their LeanIX Workspace. Additionally, new functionality will be rolled out within Store over the coming months, including further extensions such as pre-defined Surveys.

"The LeanIX Store has the potential to fundamentally change  IT’s ability to continuously deliver results that align with business needs,” said Sebastian Zeeb, Head of Architecture & Integration, Deloitte. “Current APM platform tools might be perceived as feature-poor with limitations in maintenance capabilities. With the innovative functionality of the LeanIX platform, including the Store, EA teams have the potential to save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in IT investment and truly future-proof their IT landscape.”

The LeanIX Store follows the company’s recent application enhancements, which include certified ServiceNow integration and flexible dashboards, designed to drive efficiency, transparency, and collaboration across the enterprise. With access to a broad range of custom reports, the Store empowers customers and partners to quickly pinpoint and share actionable information, driving decision making and insights generation across organizations.

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About LeanIX
LeanIX offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application for Enterprise Architecture (EA), which enables organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions. Hundreds of global brands such as Adidas, DHL, Merck, Vodafone, and Zalando use the LeanIX software to increase transparency, visibility, and drive real-time efficiencies. LeanIX addresses IT’s critical need to ensure high-quality, real-time data is accessible to the people who need it. Use cases include application rationalization, technology risk management, and the shift from monolithic architectures to microservices. LeanIX was founded in 2012 by Jörg Beyer and André Christ. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with additional offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Houston, Texas.

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