Press Release
November 27, 2019

Announcement of LeanIX Smart Xplore™ to Set New Benchmark for User Experience and Productivity in All LeanIX Products

A broad range of new functionalities and features was announced today at EA Connect Days, the leading Enterprise Architecture Conference hosted by LeanIX

Bonn, Germany -- November 27, 2019 -- LeanIX, the leading global provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for accelerating Digital Transformation, today announced the release of LeanIX Smart Xplore™, a set of functionalities that enable seamless exploration and rapid navigation capabilities in all LeanIX products. 

For Enterprise Architects and Cloud Professionals, finding the right information and analyzing dependencies between thousands of applications is challenging and complex. LeanIX Smart Xplore™ addresses this complexity by providing users with a personalized and interactive user experience to faster manage their day-to-day activities while making them more productive. Capabilities such as customizable dashboards, smart search behavior, relations explorer, and preview images of reports and diagrams allow users to spend dramatically less time searching for the right information and better prioritize their work.  

“EA and Cloud Management Tools are integral to managing enterprise-wide technological elements,” said André Christ, LeanIX CEO and Co-Founder. “With the release of LeanIX Smart Xplore™, we are redefining our navigational experience in our products and further charting the frontiers of innovation to enable users to quickly access and explore the right information.”

LeanIX Smart Xplore™ is comprised of the following capabilities:

  • Rapid Navigation: New search functionality for saved and shared searches, reports, and diagrams to let users quickly navigate all saved and distributed information. Additionally, convenient preview images of reports and diagrams make it possible to instantly contextualize reports and diagrams.
  • Intelligent Personalization: Tailored overviews on what is most relevant to users through individualized dashboards and personalized search behaviour. Choosing from a variety of Dashboard Panels, users can create their own Dashboard with the information they need instantly provided. Additionally, users can also restrict how information is shared within an organization based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Seamless Exploration: Easily explore dependencies in LeanIX with a new and fully-interactive 360-degree Relationships Explorer. Further, LeanIX Fact Sheets can be customized with Sub-Types and Dependent Fields making it even more efficient to grasp dependencies.

In addition to Smart Xplore, LeanIX is also releasing an improved Signavio Integration and a new Integration API.

Signavio updates:

Signavio and LeanIX have a long-standing strategic partnership and are committed to maintaining and further tightening this relationship in the coming years. Both companies follow a cloud native strategy with ease-of-use and collaboration as key design principles of their respective products. From a technology perspective, the integration between the two products has been enhanced to include: 

  • Advanced synchronization from LeanIX into the Signavio Glossary and improved reading and mapping properties from Signavio Processes to LeanIX Process Fact Sheets to further reduce manual work and ensure high data quality.
  • Tags and/or subscriptions from LeanIX Process Fact Sheets can be set using Signavio properties to leverage LeanIX grouping, filtering, and reporting features. 

Improvements to Integration APIs: 

New Integration API significantly speeds up the development of new connectors and integrations by customers and partners. The API is fully decoupled and therefore no LeanIX knowledge is needed when creating and maintaining connectors. 

New LeanIX pricing:

Accompanying these releases was an announcement of a new LeanIX pricing model effective as of January 1, 2020. Introducing self-configuration and varying levels of Customer Support, the new pricing is based on use case-centric bundles to provide specific business needs faster and with less complexity. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact 

For more information on Smart Xplore™, the enhanced integration with Signavio, and the Integration API, visit the LeanIX website. 

About LeanIX 

LeanIX offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application for driving Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Governance, enabling companies to accelerate their IT transformation. From On-Premises to Cloud-Native and Microservices, architecture teams using LeanIX have the power to strategically support their business and take decisions faster. More than 250 global brands including Volkswagen, Adidas, Bosch, DHL, Santander, Atlassian, and Zalando rely on LeanIX to improve transparency, visibility, and drive real-time efficiencies. LeanIX addresses IT’s critical need to ensure high-quality, real-time data is accessible to stakeholders whenever needed. Use cases include Cloud Governance, Application Portfolio Management, and Technology Risk Management. LeanIX was founded in 2012 by Jörg Beyer and André Christ. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.