June 6, 2023

LeanIX Connect Summit 2023 Continues World Tour in New York and San Francisco

LeanIX announces ongoing innovation focused on empowering the transformative CIO

NEW YORK and SAN FRANSCISCO, June 6, 2023 - Today, LeanIX, a leading platform enabling continuous transformation of corporate and product IT, continues its ninth annual Connect Summit conference series in the United States. The first day of the two-city tour will take place in New York today. The second event will take place in San Francisco on June 8. Featuring speakers from brands including Estee Lauder, Salesforce, Intuit, TJX Companies, Principal Financial Group, Sargento Foods, and KAO Brands, these events focus on specific ways that IT leaders and enterprise architects can drive meaningful impact in today’s challenging and dynamic business environment.

CIO priorities include streamlining IT complexity and reducing costs, modernizing their IT landscape, and mitigating tech risk at every level. Sustainable IT is also an increasingly important concern for organizations with goals of reducing the environmental impact of IT operations and meeting regulatory compliance,” said André Christ, CEO and co-Founder of LeanIX. “It’s not possible to achieve any of these objectives without a comprehensive understanding of the IT landscape. Enterprise architects can provide this understanding, enabling CIOs to plan and execute transformative IT strategies that push the business forward. Our Connect Summits offer examples of how leading companies are doing this right now.

Key highlights and announcements at LeanIX Connect Summit 2023 include:

Recognizing the ongoing need for companies to effectively operationalize and govern enterprise data, LeanIX announced a partnership and integration with Collibra, the leading data intelligence company. This partnership reflects LeanIX’s long-standing belief that strong products should focus on a core set of capabilities and augment them through integration with adjacent, best-in-class products.

The integration with Collibra will help companies break down data silos, enable full visibility into data lineage and dependencies, and allow companies to deploy their data as a valuable, shared asset. With Collibra's data governance capabilities and LeanIX's IT architecture management capabilities, Enterprise Architects and CIOs can make more informed decisions about investments, priorities, and risks.

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company and one of the largest in the world, is among the first customers to realize the benefits of the Collibra and LeanIX integration. “Accurate, reliable, real-time data availability is important to everything we are doing today at Migros,” said Martin Baschnagel, CTO & Group Chief Enterprise Architect, Migros. “For example, it plays a central role in optimizing procurement and the supply chain to minimize the CO2 footprint. It is also key to the continual and consistent improvement of the customer experience, online and in-store.

The LeanIX and Collibra data catalog integration is a small but essential building block in support of our data-driven strategy,Baschnagel added. “It enables Migros to improve data usage as well as data governance. It also helps reduce the risks associated with data silos and supports value creation from our data for the enterprise architecture practice and the entire Migros Group.

We look forward to expanding our partnership with LeanIX and creating more value for customers by integrating data intelligence and enterprise architecture,” said Felix Van de Maele, CEO and co-founder, Collibra. “Our best-in-class platform removes the complexity of the data landscape by tightly integrating data catalog, governance, lineage, quality, and privacy capabilities. With this integration, our joint customers will gain powerful insights into how data flows throughout the enterprise, enabling better decisions and positive business outcomes.

Enterprise Architecture leads the way on monitoring and driving ESG priorities

IT has a significant environmental impact, with energy consumption and e-waste becoming major concerns. At the same time, countries around the world are introducing new regulations and laws related to sustainability and environmental protection. With this in mind, LeanIX entered a joint research project focused on IT sustainability with the leading auditing and consulting company PwC Germany (PwC), known for its expertise in sustainability and Viega, a global manufacturer of plumbing and heating systems, known for its innovative product designs and technologies, as well as its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As a result of this work, LeanIX will release a best-practice ESG Capability Map this month, enabling Enterprise Architects to develop, evaluate, and track strategies addressing energy consumption, emissions, electronic waste, digital ethics, and green/ethical sourcing.

Introducing LeanIX AI Assistant, combining EA data with the power of generative AI

With LeanIX AI Assistant, LeanIX becomes the first EA vendor to apply the power of generative AI to enterprise architecture data. By automating tedious documentation tasks, accelerating data usage, and speeding up research, LeanIX AI Assistant transforms the way organizations interact with information. Leveraging a large language model, LeanIX AI Assistant unlocks tangible benefits that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

The initial use cases for generative AI in enterprise architecture are already intriguing,said André Christ, “but, we are only scratching the surface. In these early days, LeanIX AI Assistant allows our customers to explore the power of large language models in a flexible and secure way. By adding these capabilities to our platform, we can bring the EA discipline to the next level together.

LeanIX AI Assistant comes with a variety of predefined requests that can be applied to the EA inventory, while enabling customers to also make custom requests against their EA data. LeanIX AI Assistant is powered by dedicated GPT models hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the security and confidentiality of enterprise architecture data. The closed beta will be available later this month. LeanIX customers can subscribe to the beta through the public roadmap page at

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