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March 24, 2021

LeanIX launches Microservice Intelligence to help manage the growing complexity of scaling Microservices

DevOps and engineering teams can automate documentation to boost productivity and build reliable software

Bonn, Germany & Boston – March 24, 2021 – LeanIX, a platform that enables Corporate IT and Product IT teams to plan and manage their Continuous Transformation journeys, today announced Microservice Intelligence, the latest addition to the LeanIX Continuous Transformation Platform. Microservice Intelligence automatically creates a microservices catalog that integrates with DevOps toolchains to provide 360-degree transparency of all cloud-native applications, ownership and dependencies. Knowing where microservices are deployed, who is responsible and how they support the business enable engineering teams to control complexity, boost developer productivity and build reliable software.

LeanIX CEO André Christ"Running microservices at scale requires IT organizations to adopt cloud-native application development and bring data from disconnected sources, like CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes, together," said André Christ, co-founder and CEO of LeanIX. "To effectively break down information silos, developers and engineering managers must establish shared objectives to get applications from design to production efficiently. Microservice Intelligence provides the transparency to assess and optimize the growing number of microservices, dependencies and owners across the software delivery lifecycle."

Today every organization needs to be a software company, and success requires building digital services quickly and with high quality. Agile practices, microservices and cloud-native development are rapidly adopted and used to decompose large monolithic architectures. However, as scale and complexity increase, it isn't easy to understand the totality and context of all that is happening and where responsibility lies.

Microservice Intelligence automatically catalogs an organization's microservice landscape by surfacing and correlating metadata from disconnected toolchains, pipelines and Kubernetes clusters. It provides a 360-degree view to help engineering leaders establish transparency across all microservices and their dependencies. By monitoring critical deployment KPIs such as deployment frequency, mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR) or failure rates, engineering leaders can help increase development efficiency and make software decisions based on data and insights.

Here is how Microservice Intelligence helps DevOps teams:

  • Increase Visibility: Documentation is fully automated by discovering services built via CI/CD pipelines and deployed to Kubernetes. It creates a knowledge base of ownership and dependencies for development teams. This open and accessible understanding of product service availability and context of responsibilities shortens incident response times.
  • Resource Allocation: With Microservice Intelligence, teams can easily monitor development frequency, MTTR and failure rates of all software services. Having these insights helps balance resource allocation for application improvement or new feature investments.
  • Improve Trust: Microservice Intelligence helps de-risk microservices and quickly establish trust across the entire portfolio. It automatically maps libraries and their versions to microservices to identify and prioritize patches and reduce open-source library vulnerabilities. It helps ensure compliance by detecting and removing copyleft licenses.

LeanIX Microservice Intelligence comes with out-of-the-box connectors for Kubernetes, Jenkins and GitHub Actions. It also integrates with the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite to provide Product and Corporate IT teams with shared data and visibility into how microservices support business capabilities. The task of managing technology risk and obsolete software is greatly simplified and more thorough.

"Continuous transformation does not stop by migrating to the cloud," said Christ. "Virtually every company is now a tech company and increasingly is delivering in-house software. Microservice Intelligence helps customers navigate the microservice landscape and reduce the complexity that occurs when decomposing the monolith into more loosely coupled services."

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About LeanIX

The LeanIX platform promotes continuous transformation and enables Corporate IT and Product IT teams to establish superior governance while efficiently organizing, planning, and managing IT landscapes. LeanIX follows a collaborative and data-driven approach, focusing on speed and control in cloud environments and enabling companies to make sound and fast decisions based on comprehensive data.

More than 400 enterprises including adidas, DHL, Volkswagen and numerous well-known technology companies such as Atlassian, Dropbox and Workday trust in LeanIX. More than 40 certified partners such as Deloitte and PwC rely on the dynamically growing IT company co-founded in 2012 by CEO André Christ.

With EA Connect Days, LeanIX has been regularly organizing one of the world’s most important industry events in the field of Enterprise Architecture since 2014. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany with additional offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Munich, Germany; Utrecht, Netherlands; and Hyderabad, India. It has more than 300 employees worldwide.