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July 13, 2021

LeanIX Enables the Future of Work with Flexible Work Location

New initiative from LeanIX allows employees to decide for themselves about where they would prefer to work

Bonn, July 13, 2021. NewWork@LeanIX is a new initiative LeanIX has implemented to change the work environment of its 400 employees around the globe. Providing maximum flexibility for everyone on the team is the core idea behind the concept.

The company does not mandate the amount of time required to be spent either in-office or at a home office. LeanIX team members decide for themselves which type of work suits their personal situation and how they organize the work within their teams. LeanIX CEO André Christ emphasizes that the fundamental opportunity to meet face-to-face should remain, which has always been an essential part of the LeanIX DNA. With the NewWork initiative, the company is now directing the focus even more strongly on the individual needs of employees. However, it is equally important to LeanIX that added value for the customer remains the guiding principle for all activities and for the design of the workspace. With both an employee-oriented and customer-centric approach, the company has been successful since 2012 and is on course for growth worldwide. LeanIX has reported revenue growth of 70% in 2020 and sales growth rate of 758% from 2016 to 2019. LeanIX has also almost doubled its number of employees since end of 2019 with 360 team members currently.

Andre-Christ-CEO_800x800Mandatory home office workstation? Clearly defined times and days for working remotely? LeanIX CEO André Christ doesn't think the current discussions go far enough: "The future of work is not about dictating to employees where they have to do their job and when. For me, the core issues are different: Promoting personal skills, valuing individual life situations, trusting people and direct, continuous communication." For Christ, the logical consequence of this is that employees will design their workplace flexibly and individually in the future, which is the foundation of NewWork@LeanIX.

He is convinced that this model can succeed: "In the last few months, the LeanIX team has shown in remote mode that it is really good at dealing responsibly with freedoms and also committing to true collaboration virtually." Nevertheless, for Christ it does not follow to send everyone to the home office. In the future, those who want to work in the office five days a week should be able to do so just as much as those who only leave their home office for a team meeting. "Freedom means freedom in all directions," he says, summarizing the core idea of the NewWork initiative.

The company is thus facing a major challenge. But the LeanIX CEO sees himself in good company: "Every day, we encourage our more than 500 customers to create the conditions for continuous digital transformation. The evolution of the working world is also a process - a continuous change that we as an organization must enable." In the process, LeanIX also consciously accepts errors, and is also familiar from the agile working methods of software developers. Christ says: "We see our NewWork initiative as an iterative model. Together with our employees and our teams, we want to learn from each other and develop new best practices with each other." With fast and regular coordination within the teams and with cross-departmental exchange, LeanIX creates the framework for jobs that will remain attractive in the future.




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