Microservices — What an Enterprise Architect Needs to Know

Find out the history of microservices and how to transform from a monolith to a microservices architecture with enterprise architecture.

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Rapidly accelerating digitalization is forcing many businesses to rethink their architectures.

To meet the constantly growing expectations of technology- savy customers, companies must ensure that their products are available on all digital channels and as quickly as possible.

One way to reduce throughput times in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of highly dynamic markets is to introduce a microservices architecture in software development.

Microservices allow rapid changes and short release times along with high scalability and autonomous teams.

Including best practices for introducing microservices, e.g.:

  • Treat servers as stateless
  • deploy in containers
  • separate data store for each microservice
  • etc.

This white paper will give you an introduction to the world of microservices and shows how it is possible to transition to a microservices architecture.