Enterprise Architecture Management Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Features to fast-track your EA success

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Streamline IT reporting and save up to 85% of the time by building a comprehensive EA repository, boosting collaboration, and automating data synchronization


Accelerate decision-making and project starts by up to 40% through deep insights into the dependencies in the IT portfolio


Reduce up to 25% of technical debts in one year by gaining transparency in end-of-life technology

Continuous collaboration

Involve everyone within your organization to build a company-wide trusted data source and enable continuous transformation

  • Customizable Dashboards & KPIs
    Visualize selected content, reports, and customizable KPIs on configurable Dashboards to keep your stakeholders updated
  • Surveys
    Leverage configurable Surveys to gather updates and insights from the right stakeholders and send them directly into your inventory
  • Tags
    Extend the Meta-Model with individual tags and leverage these individual aspects to improve searching, filtering, and reporting
  • To-Dos and Comments
    Enhance the collaboration with your stakeholders and encourage them to take action with To-Dos or Comments
  • Quality Seals
    Check and improve your data quality by leveraging Quality Seals with configurable mandatory attributes
  • Notifications
    Configure notifications as emails, Microsoft Teams, and Slack messages for all users and stay on top of any changes in your EA repository
  • Automations
    Leverage no-code, rule-based, and easy-to-adopt Automations with triggers and action items to reduce time-consuming manual work

Reports and Diagrams

Gain real-time overviews of your IT landscape with state-of-the-art reports & diagrams


Powerful and flexible visualization

Leverage a full set of unique and configurable reports to visualize the data in your IT repository and enable monitoring, tracking, and data-driven decision-making.

Visualize past and future

Jump to any past or future state of your IT landscape to analyze the impact of projects and plans on the as-is.
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A quantitative overview

Reduce a considerable amount of time spent scrolling large reports for underlying insights, and present to management as a one-pager.

Diagramming connected to Inventory data

Interactively explore and visualize the dependencies to enhance your business and solution architecture.

Grouped reports and diagrams

Configure and visualize multiple collections of Reports and Diagrams for better navigation of use cases.

Roadmap and Scenario Planning

Project future states and evaluate scenarios with
unique transformation planning capability

  • Milestones

    Create visual reference points to easily track major events and pending decisions on project roadmaps. If plans change, milestones give you the flexibility in changing the dates that get automatically updated in all parts of the project

  • Impacts

    Specify details on how a project impacts your IT landscape upon completion of a date or milestone

  • Transformation

    Define high-level changes to your IT landscape as groups of pre-defined or customized impacts
Roadmap and scenario Planning

Reference Catalogs

Reduce time and manual effort to maintain a high-quality, up-to-date inventory with Reference Catalogs maintained by LeanIX

  • Lifecycle Catalog

    Mitigate technology obsolescence risk across your IT landscape by using the Lifecycle Catalog with more than 7000 components across hardware and software products

  • SaaS Catalog

    Leverage a catalog of over 6500 applications with detailed information of your SaaS applications such as logo, name, description, category, and hosting information to enrich your SaaS discovery

  • Tech Category Catalog

    Easily adopt the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council’s Solution Layer as your standard taxonomy
Lifecycle Catalog


Automate importing and exporting data through many out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs

  • Out-of-the-box Integrations
    Unleash architecture excellence and eliminate manual and time-consuming data collection with our integrations
  • Low-code Integration API
    Easily import and export data using a JSON-based format with an integrated development environment (IDE) that minimizes complexity as developers no longer have to understand the LeanIX Meta-Model
  • REST and GraphQL API
    Leverage REST and GraphQL APIs for high-performance queries


Adopt the LeanIX Meta Model and tailor it to your organization’s EA maturity and needs

  • Meta Model Configuration
    Modify and extend the pre-defined, best-practice Meta-Model in self-service
  • LeanIX Store
    Access a broad variety of best-practice reports, surveys, and integrations to extend your LeanIX workspace and generate deeper insights


Increase the accessibility of your inventory data

  • Portals
    Configure web-portals for quick and easy access to a defined scope of inventory data.
  • Mobile App
    Easily access your EA repository data on the go with iOS and Android devices.
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