Technology Risk

As an Enterprise Architect you want to detect risks arising from obsolete IT Components which impact Applications early on. LeanIX prevents you from drowning in complexity by showing you which Applications and IT Components are planned to be, or already are, phased out by the provider or are marked as such by your company.

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of all security breaches are caused by outdated technologies

Requirements for
Technology Risk Management

To identify Risks due to outdated Technologies, you need to have at least all your Applications, the underlying IT Component and the relations between them in LeanIX.


Integration with LeanIX Technology Lifecycle Service helps you manage all the vendor metadata such as name, version, lifecycle phases and more. Having an up-to-date lifecycle enables you to spot soon-to-be-outdated assets swiftly and to plan ahead.

With the ServiceNow Integration you can fuel your Application data directly from the source and enrich it with accurate information collected directly from the client. Information about the composition and adoption of your Business and IT Services help you to prioritize better.


Transport Data Into LeanIX
with These Integrations

One of the biggest challenges in Enterprise Architecture is building a repository with meaningful data and automatically keeping it up to date. The following integrations solve this problem and require only minimal configuration.

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See live and interactive LeanIX Reports in Atlassian's Project Collaboration Software.


Synchronize your infrastructure and software asset information with your Service Management solution.


Integrate with your Process Repository and link Business Process Charts directly in your LeanIX Fact Sheets.


Enable data-driven investment decisions through visibility into your IT landscape and Business Capabilities.


Visualize with Lucidchart’s state-of-the-art diagramming solution. Utilize LeanIX data to further enhance collaboration and transparency.


Easily integrate your LeanIX repository data to Power BI and Tableau

IT Component Lifecycles

Lifecycles are a visual representation of any given IT Component's service-level status.


All LeanIX Fact Sheets contain a lifecycle showing the IT Component's service-level status ("Plan"; "Phase In"; "Active"; "Phase Out", "End-of-Life"). Lifecycles can be changed directly inside Fact Sheets with data entered either manually, imported via Excel or managed by an external Application and library like LeanIX Technology Lifecycle Service (LTLS).

How Is Technology Risk Determined?


Applications are supported by IT Components with unique lifecycles.

LeanIX Matrix Reports and Application Landscape Reports highlight the lifecycles of underlying IT Components to determine all associated Technology Risk.


Insights into whether an Application and the Business Capability it supports are at risk is therefore derived from the underlying IT Components.


The Drilldown to IT Components shows all the causing elements.

Common Challenges

Reduce Risk and Gain Transparency