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7 Innovative Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

Posted by Lesa Moné on November 7, 2017

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Your Business - Right Now

We are living in the golden age of artificial intelligence. Smart technologies are seeping into our lives in many ways, often bringing along very beneficial and helpful services. Although the machines have not taken over just yet, we can still see the effect of artificial intelligence in our lives.

While tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, and Tesla roll-out visionary projects, the general public still has no idea about how machine-learning technology is quietly being used all around us.

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Machine learning algorithms affect and benefit your life in many undetectable ways. They currently identify and eliminate spam from your inbox, select images for social media posts, curate content to appear in your social media timelines, monitor your credit score and help to prevent fraud. 

At LeanIX, we assess the usage of our SaaS product and help customers to optimally benefit from our EA management solution. Amazon uses machine learning algorithms to show you trustworthy reviews, Paypal uses it for transactional fraud detection, hotels benefit from real time customer-specific strategic pricing, and top marketing firms use machine learning algorithms to gauge customer sentiments. 

Well-known uses of artificial intelligence:

1. Alexa

Alexa was the first ‘intelligent personal assistant’ developed by Amazon. Alexa is capable of voice interaction, music playback, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and playing audio books. Alexa is also used to help control other smart home devices.

2. Siri

Apple’s friendly personal assistant, Siri, will help you search google, give directions, add events to your personal calendar, send your messages etc. Siri uses machine-learning technology to predict and better understand our questions.

3. Netflix

Want to know how Netflix constantly suggests great shows for you to indulge in? Machine learning algorithms. Netflix analyses billions of records based on your feedback and suggests the next best fitting shows. One major drawback is that major movies are frequently referenced, watched, liked, and shared. Movies or TV shows with smaller audiences are left on the outskirts.

4. Nest

Nest is a learning thermostat that can be voice-controlled by Alexa. This smart device uses behavioral algorithms to learn your heating and cooling needs, and anticipates and adjusts the temperature in your rooms. Like it a little cooler in your office? Nest knows. Prefer a warmer bedroom? Nest realized that months ago. Nest also has a suite of other products that help make your home life run more smoothly.

5. Tesla

Tesla cars have predictive capabilities, self-driving features, and have the advantage of collecting data from the entire fleet to survey driver behavior.  The information from routine traffic light stops to deadly car crashes is collected, categorized, analyzed to make future decisions.

6. Amazon

Amazon has employed the use of artificial intelligence to make quite a great deal of money online, and catapult owner and CEO Jeff Bezos to the #1 richest man in the world slot. Amazon’s smart algorithms suggest fitting add-ons to your purchase, even if you are trying to construct an illegal explosive device.

7. Pandora

Even better than Spotify or Apple Music, Pandora’s suggestive algorithm always gets it right. The music is assigned attributes such as "heavy guitar riffs", "metal influences", and so on, adding up to 4000 musical characteristics.  Each song is manually analyzed by a team of professional musicians based on these criteria. The system has an incredible track record for recommending great songs, popular or not. 

Artificial intelligence is currently powering the world around us. Interested in learning how your company can use Enterprise Architecture to capitalize from machine learning endeavors? Download our white paper here. 


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