Lean Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) - Getting started on digital transformation

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on May 6, 2016
In the final blog post of our series on how lean EAM can play a vital role on the road to digital transformation, we suggest how to get started:

Getting started on digital transformation

What you need to do until tomorrow.

Accept that digitization changes your business, sooner or later. Start to communicate that digitization is not an IT or technology issue, but that it affects the whole company. Dispassionately assess how mature your company is in terms of digital capabilities, and how mature it needs to be.

What you need to do until next week.

Create an early coalition. Look at the stakeholders around you that are most affected. That might be a project leader struggling with complexity, an infrastructure expert not understanding business priorities, or a business leader making budget decisions. Support these stakeholders to create their transparency. Have a look at the low-hanging fruits mentioned above, and help your stakeholders to pursue them.

What you need to do until next year.

Make sure to be part of any Digital Initiative. Make sure to advance from low-hanging fruits to a trustworthy EA platform with reliant data. Focus on core questions only and don’t let operational issues or obstacles distract you. Once you have built the trust, make sure to extend your coalition. Then, utilize the platform to visualize a clear roadmap to a successful digital future.

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