How the Government of Yukon Leverages EA for Business Continuity Management

Posted by Ben Keylor on May 4, 2020

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The unusual times we’re in have called for unusual ways to keep a business running. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing businesses to a standstill, the Government of Yukon turned to LeanIX to keep their services operational.

In a recent webinar hosted by The Open Group, Ryan Agar, enterprise architect for the Yukon government, explained how he is overseeing the response plan for COVID-19. Since the crisis began, Ryan has been assigned to the Emergency Measures Office to ensure business continuity across governmental departments and services, corporations, health providers, and the community at large.

Yukon’s need for streamlined continuity planning

The Yukon Territory is one of Canada’s most remote areas. Located in the extreme northwest of North America, it has a population of less than 50,000 citizens, and limited resources to support a response to COVID-19 from both a staffing and infrastructure perspective. With many services shut down, the Government of Yukon had to figure out how it could protect small, vulnerable populations across vast distances.

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many public and private entities to realize they lacked the central data repository necessary to pivot their operating posture and support a remote workforce in a time of crisis. For the Government of Yukon, this issue became readily apparent. The need for a unified dataset around their services, associated continuity plans, technical support requirements, and societal criticality, quickly became Ryan’s responsibility.Social Media LeanIX Twitter

Using an enterprise architecture tool to manage crisis response

As a LeanIX customer, Ryan swiftly reviewed architecture data to segment and analyze Yukon’s services by criticality. Then, by leveraging LeanIX’s open APIs, he and a developer were able to build a custom dashboard to obtain feedback from department heads on data accuracy and the support necessary to maintain business continuity across the entire government. For instance, stakeholders can use the custom dashboard to report their need for various resources (i.e. personal protective equipment) so that information is instantly made available to key decision makers. They were able to build this dashboard with data stored in LeanIX, obtain feedback, and have it fully operational within three days.

Data based on EA Inventory, access via api

Ryan is now focused on reporting on and maintaining the performance of services across the government, and flexing or adapting resources based on the situation at hand. All of this data is being pulled from the EA inventory to support action plans moving forward.

The agility that enabled the Government of Yukon to respond to this crisis and support its business continuity needs, speaks to the power and flexibility behind LeanIX technology. While remaining a top-rated enterprise architecture tool for organizations to perform essential tasks like application rationalization, application portfolio management, and technology risk management, the ability for customers to customize their instance for their particular use case(s) is what makes the software so strong.

It's even evident in how a LeanIX team built a European Hospital Capacity Platform (EHCP) in 48 hours using the functionality of its Enterprise Architecture Suite as well. Watch the video below to learn more about this recent initiative.


Listen to Government of Yukon’s story

Are you an enterprise architect supporting your organization’s business continuity plans? Be sure to listen to the webinar replay and let us know how else EAs can help businesses sustain themselves in times of uncertainty.New call-to-action

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