Must-Read Books on Cloud Governance

Posted by Jenna Kominski on August 20, 2020


As LeanIX's annual EA Connect Days approaches, we're taking time to reflect on effective cloud governance practices — one of the most critical needs of businesses today. Though cloud is changing how every industry operates for the better, in order to reap all the benefits of having a cloud environment, enterprises must stay informed and ensure that their management strategy is not holding them back.

To help you do so, we've gathered five books on cloud governance to help you get started or to further develop your cloud governance strategy. Featuring topics ranging from technology risk to cost analysis to storage choices, each offers unique insights into what's needed to deliver value to the business and become more involved with improving processes and automation.


1. "Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT"

By Stephen Orban, Andy Jassy, Adrian Cockcroft, and Mark Schwartz

Cloud computing has created an immense amount of new business possibilities and given enterprises an opportunity to innovate in their industry. However, making the most of the cloud requires much more from enterprises than just a technology change. Orban, Jassy, Cockcroft, and Schwartz explore how businesses need to change their processes, train their teams, and completely redesign their cultures to successfully move to the cloud. Their writing reflects decades' worth of combined expertise and present many opportunities to ensure IT success within traditional cloud-native organizations alike.

2. "Cloud Computing for Every Business: Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Spending"

By Jay A. Cohen

Cohen has created a useful guide that anyone can use in any industry, whether they're looking at their first cloud strategy, performing a project to test the cloud, or even a hybrid of both. Non-technical managers who want to understand new and innovative technologies will enjoy what Cohen's writing has to offer! 

3. "Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture"

By Thomas Erl, Ricardo Puttuni, and Zaigham Mahmood

To successfully create a cloud environment, IT leaders need a clear understanding of its models, architectural layers, and inner mechanics. They also need to know the economic factors that will occur from the adoption of any cloud-based service. 

Erl, one of the world's top-selling IT authors, has teamed up cloud computing experts Puttini and Mahmood to provide a refreshingly clear introduction to proven cloud computing practices and package each into well-defined models, concepts, and technology architectures. Using this handbook, IT professionals of all stripes can benefit from having well-defined building blocks for mainstream cloud computing platforms and solutions.

4. "Transitioning the Enterprise to the Cloud: A Business Approach"

By Edward Mahon

Edward Mahon helps IT professionals learn how to identify costs, complexities, and the risks to account for when building a cloud strategy. Organized into five parts, Mahon breaks down:

  • The main causes of complexity in the cloud
  • Leading business perspective of the cloud
  • How to assess current IT environments
  • Potential cloud transition scenarios
  • How to develop a cloud sourcing strategy

Of note, numerous employees at LeanIX have used Mahon's guide to gain understandings of what it takes to develop and run a successful could environment. 

5. "Cloud Native: Using Containers, Functions, and Data to Build Next-Generation Applications"

By Boris Scholl, Trent Swanson, and Peter Jausovec

It can be intimidating having to learn about distributed systems, containers, and functions and how to put everything together at once. Scholl, Swanson, and Jausovec simplify the tasks as best they can by taking IT leaders through a structured series of patterns, best practices, and lessons on utilizing the building blocks of cloud native applications. Though readers can expect the next edition of this book to encompass even more best practices, for the time being, this is a highly-recommend entry point into the fundamentals of building cloud native applications.

We hope you find these resources as helpful as we do. Also, make sure you register for your free ticket to LeanIX’s EA Connect Days in Bonn, Germany. The event will take place both virtually and onsite, and will feature many presentations and workshops from EAs and IT thought leaders throughout industries. Our line up of speakers include Mike Massimino and Frank Thelen!


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