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April 25, 2023

LeanIX Celebrates New Milestone with Mars as its 1000th Customer

LeanIX doubles its customer count in under two years, signaling rapid company growth and highlighting the value of enterprise architecture management in today’s unpredictable business environment

BONN, Germany and BOSTON, April 25, 2023 – LeanIX, a leading platform enabling continuous transformation of corporate and product IT, today announced that Mars has signed on as LeanIX’s 1000th customer. Mars joins an incredible list of clients – including Atlassian, Adidas, Discover Financial Services, Doctolib, Paysafe, Southwest Airlines, Volkswagen AG, Workday and hundreds more – who have embraced the power of enterprise architecture to transform their business.

To effectively address the many priorities of CIOs today, from mastering IT complexity and reducing costs to modernizing infrastructure and optimizing core systems like ERP, organizations require a single, reliable source of truth that provides comprehensive visibility into their IT landscape. LeanIX has been at the forefront of enabling companies to create, maintain, and utilize such a source of truth, delivering tangible and valuable operational benefits. By choosing LeanIX for its technology transformation, Mars demonstrates its belief in the power of enterprise architecture to drive meaningful organizational change and enhance the impact of IT.

Our digital transformation efforts are always evolving. Bringing on a partner like LeanIX is the next step in our journey,” said Praveen Moturu, Global Vice President Digital Technologies and Chief Enterprise Architect at Mars. “We’re excited to be working with a team that is not only helping us model our transformation strategy but also identify redundancies in our IT landscape streamlining our current Planning and Architecture management processes. We want to showcase the impact technology has across our organization. Being able to translate architectural data into value driven deliverables for a range of stakeholders will be key to our success.

We’re thrilled to begin working with Mars,” said André Christ, CEO and Co-Founder of LeanIX. “While I’m proud that LeanIX now has one thousand customers – and especially proud that these customers include companies like Mars, a well-known, global brand – I find what this says about our category even more exciting.

Companies cannot successfully address the many challenges they face without the understanding of their technology landscape that an effective enterprise architecture practice provides,” Christ added. “We strongly believe in this mission. That companies like Mars and many others have chosen to partner with LeanIX to support this practice suggests that they share this belief as well.

LeanIX has doubled its customer base in less than two years. As another indicator of its continued growth, LeanIX just hired its 500th employee. LeanIX has also recently opened new offices in Berlin, London, and Paris, adding to its established footprint in Bonn, Munich, Amsterdam, and Boston. The impetus behind this growth is the increasing demand for solutions that enable enterprise architecture to deliver on its promise: making organizations more efficient, agile, and resilient.

Organizations are investing in us,” Christ said. “To continue meeting their high expectations while simultaneously improving and expanding the capabilities of our software, we are in turn investing. This means hiring more and more skilled employees and establishing operations where we can be of most value to our customers.

LeanIX has also expanded its flagship event, the Connect Summit series. Connect Summits will be held in four locations around the world this year: Frankfurt, Germany on May 9-10; New York on June 6; San Francisco on June 8; and Gold Coast, Australia on September 14. For more information about LeanIX’s Connect Summit series or to register, visit

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About LeanIX

LeanIX's Continuous Transformation Platform® is trusted by Corporate IT and Product IT to achieve comprehensive visibility and superior governance. Global customers organize, plan and manage IT landscapes with LeanIX's automated and data-driven approach. Offering Enterprise Architecture, SaaS Management, and Value Stream Management, LeanIX helps organizations make sound decisions and accelerate transformation journeys.

LeanIX has a thousand customers globally, including Adidas, Atlassian, Bosch, Dropbox, Santander and Workday. LeanIX is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with additional offices in Germany and subsidiaries in Boston (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).